What I Love Wednesday.

Woke up in a fabulous mood this morning, and was so encouraged by the person in front of me that paid for my coffee in line. Little things go a long way, right? Start the day out with positive thoughts, and you can literally change your whole outlook. So, I thought it would be a perfect day to share a WHAT I LOVE post.

1) DAVIS' SWEET HEART. Last night, we laid in bed for a long time talking about friends at school. I asked him who he has been playing with, and he said "Brooks". While he and Brooks play together a lot outside of school, Davis usually plays with a different crowd at school. I asked him if he is still playing with some of the other kids, and he said, about one in particular "I used to play with XXX but I don't play with him anymore because he's kind of mean. The school shouldn't let him in because he's kind of mean..." And I said "Well what does he do that is mean?" And he said a few things, and then he said "But also, you told me he was bad..." And I really had to think about that. I knew what he was talking about- he was talking about the week he was coming home saying things that were less than nice or 4 year old appropriate and I told him "You don't want to copy someone who is not nice..." So I had to balance, both supporting his choice to not spend time with kids that aren't nice, while also letting him know that bad choices do not equal a bad kid.

Parenting is hard. Right? I mean, I don't know- maybe that kid really is a jerk at school and in that case, I don't want Davis to mess around with that. I want him to be a kid that spends time with smart, kind, fun kids rather than bullies or kids trying to act cooler than they are. But, at the same time, I want him to be open and kind and non-judgmental to kids who are maybe just making some bad choices due to who even knows what. Does that make sense? 

Anyway, my what I love is that my sweet hearted four year old thinks about this. So we ended the conversation talking about all the fun kids he can play with at school...and how it's just important for him to be himself and be kind and happy and make good choices.

2) THE CROWN! Davis was so kind and helpful yesterday that he won the crown at school. Every once in a while, a kid wins a crown (fashioned out of a paper plate) for making great choices, being helpful and kind, and he has now won TWICE. He is so proud of this, and I make a huge deal out of it. 

3) HOLDEN's PRINCESS. She is still wearing her cape today to school. Won't go anywhere without it, and spends half her day looking backwards to watch it trail behind her. HA.

4) NIKKI IS COMING. Nikki is coming tomorrow, and I'm so excited to have her help getting ready for Davis' party and of course I can't wait to just hang out and laugh and talk with her. She always makes me laugh very hard- most often when she is not trying. Remember the BEANIE WEANIE situation she told me about last time? INSANE. 

5) TEXAS. We booked our tickets to Texas yesterday for Christmas. I'm so excited. 

6) GIRLS NIGHT. Krissy was my first friend in Minne, and quite realistically, she is my most comfortable friend here. Meaning, from the get-go, we just sort of got each other and it's always been so nice to know that there is someone here that I can just be myself with 100%. We don't get together so often, but every time we do, I find myself refreshed. Anyway- she invited me out next week with her two best friends and her sister, and I'm just really excited because I know it will be fun and I'd like to know the other girls better too. Also, I went for drinks with Jenny and Ann Marie last Thursday- my most eclectic, crazy and fun friends here- and I just feel super thankful that I have found so many pockets of really cool, fun, kind friends here in such a short time. I'm also excited that Nikki will get to meet Ellie, Krissy and Sarah at D's party Saturday. 

7) CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I love christmas shopping for people and I've got a few ideas for people that I am super excited about. 

8) OPPORTUNITIES. So I've been approached by a few groups/people/recruiters out of the blue lately and while I'm still planning on my big switch next fall, I'm excited by the opportunity of doing something new between now and then. As I think you've heard- the people I work with are so kind and have been so welcoming- but it's never really been the right fit...and I'm bored. And there is very little I dislike more than boredom. 

9) GIFTS FROM HONEY. We just bought four tickets for christmas, are doing D's birthday party, and also planning for Christmas shopping, so our debit card is hurting if you know what I mean. Ha. Anyway- Honey asked last time she was here if she could do something special and help out with some things for the beans and so she bought them some great winter gear- and I'm super thankful! :-)

10) BENNETT's CAKES. Davis has made the beans' cakes for each birthday since they were little. I love that. It's so sweet. The best part is that this year, Davis has asked for a double decker couch cake (from the Lego Movie) with Lord Business and Emmit on it and I am giggling so much inside waiting to see what Bennett delivers. HA. TALL ORDER.

11) RSVPS. About 15 kids have RSVP'd for D's party Saturday. I am so excited for him- he will be beyond himself about the whole thing. Nikki will be here, he will be at Pump it Up, so many friends are coming, hopefully he will have an awesome cake...it's going to be great.

Have a great day!