Holdy Bear.

Holdy Bear woke up fever free this morning- thank you God! She is definitely not 100% yet, but I am glad her fever seems to have broken. She is still wearing her cape. She has been wearing it since Friday night, and on about Sunday, she layered on a pink tutu my grandparents gave her. She calls the things "my princess". I get her dressed and as I am doing it, she is frantically saying "I need my princess. I need my princess, mama!" So, she looks quite interesting each day at school, considering the cape is bright red with a "Superman" S on it and the tutu is layers of ombre pink, and then pair that with whatever clothes she is wearing. But, I love her personality, and I love that she thinks she is a princess when she wears those things. 

She will run across the room and watch her cape trail behind her. This has ended in her running into many walls, but she keeps at it nonetheless. Dedication. Yesterday at the doctor, Bennett and Holden sent me this picture:

So I sent them this, from work:

She was very excited about it! (Also, my grandmother says I never have pictures of myself on here, so this one is for her. HA!)

Holden's favorite thing lately is reading books in my bed before bedtime. She picks out 2 or 3, and then we snuggle in and read and she says at least three times "We're so cozy, mama." Last night, as I was reading to her, she reached over, gently rubbed my face and said "I love you so much mama." Such a sweetheart (most of the time).

Oh, so on a separate note, I went to my final Teen Mom Mentor training last night. I could be placed any day now. After hearing all about it and learning some of the ground rules and things, I'm both excited and nervous about it. I asked the lady a question about picking my mentee up, and she answered with "Well, it depends on where she lives- with family, on her own, at a homeless shelter..." I guess I had never even considered that she and her baby might be living in a homeless shelter. Eye opening. And I haven't really even started. She also said the girl could be as young as 13. WHAT. So we'll see. I'm praying it's a good fit and that I can help a lot, and also learn a lot. I will keep you posted- though I can't really share a name or pictures...which makes sense, but is different than I had imagined. 

So keep your eyes open- later on today I am going to post some gift ideas (part one) on my "A Few of My Favorite Things" page. It's time to start thinking about Christmas. Or as Davis would say "I think it's almost time to watch that train movie..." (The Polar Express). He also asked about Sam the other day (our Elf on the Shelf) which I was surprised about because he wasn't so into it last year. Guess he likes traditions like Bennett and I.

Okay that's all I have for now. Have a happy Tuesday.