Sick Bodies, Happy Hearts.

Davis is on the mend, but now Holden is under the weather. I tell you what, it's like dominoes when one of us gets sick. I truly think that you should get extra sick days for each child you have. What sense does it make to give a single individual five, and an individual with two kids, five, when you know you are going to have to be out of work for their ailments too? No sense at all. 

Anyway, nobody is asking my opinion on that, so I suppose I shall move on. We did have a good weekend, though very low key. For Halloween, we went over to the Ohmes, and Davis had a blast. It was super cold and Holden wanted me to carry her the whole way- in her HORSE COSTUME nonetheless- so it was quite a workout for me. She and I went back early and imagine my surprise when I pulled her costume off, only to see that she had NO SHOES ON underneath those hooves. I put them on her before we left, but apparently she took them off. No wonder she wanted to be carried. Mom of the year. I wish I had a picture of her in costume from the front- but she would NOT have her picture taken. So here are a few blurry ones of Davis and friends.

We had no idea the flames on his costume lit up - but he was quite pleased when he noticed.

Anyway, what I didn't realize at the time was that she was also getting anyway, it made for a very low key weekend at home. We DID make it to gymnastics, and both kids loved it, so I am happy about that. AND, on Sunday, Sarah and I went for breakfast and pedicures, so that was a really nice treat. We've been talking about it forever, and Paige is just old enough now to last a couple hours so Sarah can do stuff. 


Okay so on to the happy hearts part. My mom has been having a really hard time over the last week- it's the week our dad died. Anyway, what I might not have mentioned is that the last time she came to visit, she "lost" her rings. One of which was a compilation of the diamonds from various jewelry my dad had given her. We have searched the house top to bottom, the cars too, and haven't been able to find the rings. And she has been so bummed. I have been bummed too- but I guess if I'm honest- I sort of had a feeling we would find them. I just didn't know when or where. Fast forward to Saturday morning. Our kitchen was a huge mess and while I was cleaning it up, I noticed all these papers in our kitchen mail organizer thingy. I decided to pull them out and see what was in there...which I never do...and then I decided to go even further and just dump it upside down. And there were the rings!! I was sooooo excited to call my mom and tell her. And I felt like it was definitely a hug from up above...which of course gave me a very happy heart. YAHOO!

So that's a recap of this weekend.

Now, this week, I am very busy and very excited. Today I have my final Teen Mom Mentor training, and after that, I will get placed with a teen mom. Wednesday I have a work happy hour, and then Thursday Nikki will be here! Yahoo! Then Friday we will hang out and probably make a cake and get goodie bags ready for Saturday. So far- 12-15 kids have RSVPd. He is going to have a blast! 

Ciao for now.