It's funny when you live in a place that has really cold weather- you realize that things (or people) really can benefit from this time of winter, or hibernation, and that it's sort of a natural cycle. Now, granted, if I had my way, it wouldn't be as long a season as it is in Minneapolis, but what I am saying is that it's kind of nice to slow down a bit due to the weather. To not feel like you always should be outside or on the go, to slow down, recharge a bit.

And I know some of you are laughing because it seems like we don't slow down at all- but we do. Or at least it feels that way to me. We take naps in the afternoon or we watch movies while we play- we just sort of snuggle up for the winter. I like that part of the winter, I really do.

Friday night, that is basically all we did. We just played and hung around and then went to bed and slept in a bit Saturday morning. Read: 8:30. Gymastics took place on Saturday morning and we were notified that if Davis does the next session- he would be ready to move into the big gym. That could be cool, or he is really into dancing and fighting...so maybe we'll do karate or breakdancing next or something. We'll see. Holden loves doing gymnastics too and this week, her daddy did it with her, while I watched.

Saturday afternoon we just sort of lazed about and then Saturday night, the Ohmes came over for dinner and Bennett really outdid himself- he grilled steaks and made Au Gratin potatoes from scratch. He really is a talented chef. Davis and Holden asked ALL DAY when Brooksie and Bennett would be here. And they had a blast all night. Holden goes back and forth between playing with them and doing her own thing. She got tired around 7:45 but the boys stayed up till 9:30. Davis constantly asks if Brooks can sleep over...and I would be fine with that, but Sarah and Nate have said that Brooks won't even sleep in his own bed at their house, and that he would want to go home five minutes after they left. 

So to test this out, I said "Okay- if you guys want to sleep over- go get in bed. It's time for bed. And NOOOOO talking at my house. And NOOOOO getting out of bed. Are you guys okay with that?" And we went through the whole thing and I kept expecting Brooks to say "UMM, maybe I will go home with my parents instead...but he never did." And then my test backfired when he had to go home because they thought they were going to have a sleepover. Hmmph. We'll have one soon. 

Taken in the dark- hence the funny faces. Bennett is on the end- he will NOT be left out. Brooks and Davis got in bed, and he looked at me and said "Hey, what about me? Where'm'I going to sleep?" So cute.

Post dinner, pre-bedtime brownies. :-)

Sunday, Holden and I got up and ran to Target to get some milk and a few essentials. One thing that is nice about church being at 11:00 is that you can get a few things done before you go...while at Target, she found something she couldn't live without. I mean, how do you say NO to this face?

You just really don't say NO to a face like that. She was SOOOO happy to have the Anna doll. And we sat and talked while waiting on some coffee and had the best little time together. It's so fun to spend time with them, one on one. You get a totally different, more meaningful experience, than the normal chaos with all of us together. It's a special treat. 

After church, we went to the grocery store and also sat and had lunch there. Davis had earned a few quarters and he chose to spend them while at Byerly's. I love seeing what he chooses. This time around, he emptied his bank for an abominable snowman ornament and some orange drink. AWESOME.

Yesterday's sermon was all about HOPE. And the guy spent a lot of time really defining what hope is...which is an approach I often follow when giving a presentation. People use words and get so used to concepts as they perceive them, that you can often have a major a-ha moment just by re-setting how you look at words or concepts. Anyway, he talked about hope, and how different it is from optimism. Optimism is a positive outlook. Hope is believing, or putting everything you have, in a promise that you believe will come to fruition. In this life or the next. And he had a few different people come up and speak about life changing events or struggles or things that they have dealt with or will continue to deal with...one woman was diagnosed with inoperable, incurable brain cancer at age 34. That's my age. Another man was diagnosed with major heart issues- which were a huge surprise considering he was a marathon runner. And they talked about their hope. And how it has nothing to do with this lifetime. Their hope is in the promise of God, and his Son, and how when you start to look at that view, the LONG view, the whole game changes. 

If your view is on the short game- tomorrow, or next week, or even just within this lifetime...hope is tough. If you remember the long game, and put your hope in that, only then can you have true freedom and joy. Hope comes from something that doesn't even MAKE SENSE on this earth. Pretty cool when you think about it.

Anyway, last night, we decided to watch a movie before bed. We started watching the 2nd Hunger Games movie, and the whole premise is about how the main character, Katniss, gives the people the HOPE they need to give up everything they have in this life (their lives, even) for the HOPE of a better tomorrow. It gave me chills. Coincidence? I think not.

So that was our weekend. I have some more pictures but I will save them for later this week. HONEY IS COMING TODAY- YAHOO! WE CANNOT WAIT!