Last night, after my workout, and after getting my nails done (a fun mid-week treat), I went home to find a fire in the fireplace, the house was picked up, and the kids were ready for bed. AND, Bennett had parked on the street and left the garage door open for me so I could pull in, and he was waiting at the front door to close the garage door as I was walking up. These things may not sound like a big deal, but holy cow, it all felt like a gift. He was really speaking my love language. Made me feel like one million forty two hundred eighty five, as Davis would say.

Okay so then I snuggled with Holden a bit and after she went to sleep, Davis, Bennet and I were lying in bed, talking and laughing...when Davis tooted. And, at the risk of providing too much information, I'm going to tell you that it didn't smell like roses. So we gave him such a hard time. It started with "Davis, that toot smelled like a dirty sock..." and then there was a back and forth between Bennett and I, competing to see who could come up with the grossest thing...and Davis was laughing SO HARD that eventually, he mid-shriek said "I can't EVEN STAND IT...!!!" Bennett and I died laughing. Then we had to explain to him that while that is funny at home- he cannot repeat those things at school. You always feel like a good parent when you have to say "yeah, those things I just did, or let you do...don't do them in public. especially not at school." Hehehe.

Did I tell you my office is moving? It is. Just down the street, but it's a big ordeal. First of all, we all have offices right now, or most of us do. And this is incredibly rare for advertising agencies. Usually they're pretty open and modern and collaborative. But this place has offices and everyone is so used to that. Guess what structure we're moving to? Open workspace. For me this is no big deal, because I love chatting all day, and I'll just put my ear phones on when I don't want to talk anymore...but people here are FREAKING OUT. And I should clarify that we're not just moving to an open workspace, we're moving to a harvest table structure. Meaning- 150 people are going to sit at TWO LONG tables. This is blowing people's minds. And I go back and forth between thinking it's silly how upset people are about this, to feeling like it's the stupidest idea, myself. In the pursuit of having a totally modern, European workspace, we aren't really allowed to have anything at work. Notebooks, water bottles, pens,'s really so silly and most of the time I feel like I am on candid camera or that I could become a millionaire if I secretly video-taped all of this and sold it to Bravo.

 This is going to be like a major social experiment and I am going to be watching like a hawk. 

Anyway- so I have tomorrow off- but I am booked with some other things for about 5 hours that I can't really discuss yet. So not really a day off, but not a day in the office, and that is good enough for me. Ha.

Okay so I have to tell you something else that's been on my mind. And it shouldn't be considered morbid...I don't think. The other day we drove by a cemetery and I looked at Davis, kind of laughed and said "Oh my Lord, if I die while we live here, do NOT bury me in Minnesota..." then we had this long discussion about the logistics of it all (in the freezing tundra of Minnesota) and how maybe the only thing more depressing than DYING is actually being buried in Minnesota. Ha. We were laughing about it all. And then I was talking to a friend this morning at work who went to a funeral this week and she was like "It was sort of wasn't sad, it was a joyful celebration of who the man was..."

And I was telling her- oh my gosh- that's how I would want mine to be. I mean, I'm already dead, there is no sense in being sad about it. The thing I hate the most in the world is people feeling sad. Like it's what keeps me up at night- so NEVER NEVER do it at my expense. Have a party, play great music, tell funny stories, talk about how you will remember me...but don't wear black and don't be sad and don't bury me in MINNESOTA for God's sakes...HA!

Anyway- I don't think I am dying any time soon- but those are my thoughts about it. 

Okay to end on a positive note...sometimes at night when Holden doesn't want to go to sleep, I hear her talking in her bed. Usually she sings "For the First Time in Forever" or the theme song to Batman...but sometimes, when she really wants attention, she will say "I need some MULK, mama!" And then she will begin shouting it...and after a few times, without a response from me, she will shout "THAT'S. NOT. VERY. NICE. MAMA!!!!" It cracks me up so much. 

Have a great day! Be's a choice!