Bits and Pieces.

Random thoughts, by Sam Bennett:

1) My mom is coming on Monday- yahoo! As Davis said "I hope she stays one hundred days. And she better bring her mittens."

2) I had an eye appointment this morning and my vision is 20/60. I got the coolest new frames, I can't wait to share them next week. I think I will wear glasses until I end up doing Lasik, because I just can't get contacts in my eyes. To thine own self be true...

3) Bennett and I are trying to get into the TV show "Mad Men" again on Netflix. We are on episode two and I find it sooo slow and boring. I fell asleep halfway through. Maybe I'm not into period pieces? Maybe I am living the ad world and therefore it's less interesting?

4) I have my workout with John today- which is always fun and I feel great afterwards. 

5) Davis is back into David Beckham again. He watched/mirrored the video at least 18 times last night. Running circles through the house, vaulting over the couch, jumping over the table. 

6) Holden is wearing her pink tutu to school again. She insists.

7) Today, I got out of the car to drop the kids off at school and I thought "'s not too cold today. I wonder what the temperature is." It was 18. That's perspective, for you.

8) One month until we fly to Texas- Bennett leaves sooner- so I'm going to have to be brave and well prepared traveling alone with the two of them before Christmas.

9) I miss mexican food.

10)  This weekend we have almost nothing planned (comparatively) and I am super excited about that. Yahoo!

Have a great day.