One milia.

Little D always tells me how much he loves me- which I love- but lately he has taken to quantifying it. He says things like "I love you one hundred" or "I love you one hundred fifty two forty five." Recently, he learned the meaning of one "million" so he has been saying "I love you one million, mommy..."

Yesterday, on the car ride home, Holden blurted out "I LOVE YOU ONE MILIA MOMMY!" It was quite cute. I smiled and told her I loved her one milia right back.

I picked them up early yesterday which was fun because it wasn't such a rush when we got home and had a lot of time to relax, eat, play, etc. Davis and I worked on more lego kits and Holden did some coloring and also some assisting with the legos. Davis is racking up quite the collection of little sets...and I think I've caught the lego bug too. It's so fun to watch him think and move through the directions. He's so good. 

Also, I put my Thanksgiving turkey out on display. Respect the turkey. My grandma gave it to me. Holden calls it a goose. She points at it and says "Look at the goosey, mama. That's so silly."

Have a great day!