Biting Cold.

Biting cold is really the only way to describe this weekend. Too cold to get up and go to gymnastics, too cold to sled, too cold to do much of anything but stay inside and play. I don't know how it can be possible, but it felt colder yesterday and this morning than I even remember from last year. It's super early. Last year at this time, there was no snow and we were still playing outside, with our jackets on. 

I feel a little bummed and I'm reminded why everyone doesn't live here. It's SO DAMN cold. Your hands hurt, you have to use three different types of lotion: face, hands, body, and sometimes you get out of the car and just start to cry. Or at least that is what Holden did when I took the kids to school this morning. It's the kind of cold that is hard to be out in, and also makes you depressed if you stay inside too much. Damn Minnesota. Not for the weak.

Bennett braved the cold and tailgated and went to the Gophers game Saturday. And then Saturday night we went out to dinner while the kids were at the schools' parents night out. Yesterday we went to church and ended up sitting by our neighbors, which was fun. So we kept moving in spite of the single digit temps, and here are a few pics to prove it.

We also went to check out a new gym for Bennett yesterday, which led to some serious ninja fighting by the beans. Hard core.