Two things happened in the last 24 hours that are totally not a big deal, but at the same time, don't seem like a coincidence. Tell me what you think.

We went to Chick Fil A last night with the Ohmes and I asked Sarah how she has been handling all three since Nate is out of town. She said she is exhausted, so I said "Why don't we come over after this and I will play with the boys while you get Paige fed and to bed..." She said she was fine, and I'm sure she was, but for whatever reason, I pushed it and we went over to their house after dinner. I wanted to help, but I also wanted to get home, get some things done, and get the kids to bed at a decent hour (they go to sleep much earlier than Brooks and Bennett) it was a little surprising that for whatever reason we went over and played for a while. (I'm sure it's just my natural inclination to be a good Samaritan- ha!) 

While there, Sarah realized that their dog had gotten out of their backyard. He is old and deaf and she was in a panic. Anyway- long story short- she put on her boots and coat and went searching the neighborhood for him. She was gone for about 30 minutes, and she found him. And I was thinking and wondering about what she would have done if someone else wasn't there. Kind of interesting, right?

Also, last night I was texting with my friend Stacey, asking her how she is liking Pittsburgh. She moved about a month ago- and she is the one that worked out with me with Ahmad for four years. Anyway- I was loving hearing how she is liking it- and then I thought "I wish I knew what was up with Ahmad...I miss him too!" Ahmad is like the worst communicator via phone or text- much like me- and so I RARELY hear from him. Anyway. I was wondering what he was up to and I had this feeling that maybe he is in a rut or feeling uninspired or whatever. (Being inspired is what we talked about like 100% of the time during our workouts). And then this morning- I got a text from him. Out of the blue. Saying we need to catch up. Bizarre, right?

Is all of that chance? I don't think there is any way it could be. And these, I realize, aren't even important things, but that is what makes it even more interesting to me. Are these things planned? Is everything connected? Are we sometimes more in tune with things than others- even if we can't articulate WHY we are doing something or thinking about someone? Are these things a representation of being mentally and spiritually in tune with those around you and the universe? Are they God's very detailed plan taking place? Possibly both?

Bennett and I talk a lot about free will and God's plan and what is going to happen regardless of what we do, vs. what happens because of what we do. I believe that God has a plan- and that there are many stops and things along the way that He has lined up for us- and/but we can delay or speed these things up, or possibly even avoid them altogether, by our own choices. And I also think things happen for a reason. In fact, when I look back at my life, I can make very clear connections for why both good and bad, small and big things, have happened. But I also believe in free will. I think He would like us to have all the joy He has to give, and I think He will also let us mess our own lives up if we choose to. I believe, though, that He keeps trying. And some days I believe that He will keep trying each and every day and minute, until He reaches all of us. 

It's all a mystery, I suppose. But I really love seeing things that happen that are clearly MORE than coincidence. And when I do, regardless of type of religion, I always wonder how any people can believe there just isn't a God, or higher power, at all.

Just thinking aloud...