I am, and always have been, oblivious to the weather. I have never like had an umbrella in my car or in my desk drawer, I rarely ever bring a coat (I'd rather be cold than be responsible for remembering it throughout my day), my hair is wet every day, regardless of month or temperature, and I have often brought my kids to school dressed just a bit off based on weather forecasts (apparently). It's never really been that big of a deal, living in Texas. Well, times have changed, and old habits die hard. So, when the rest of the world was preparing for the Bomb Vortex (yes, that's what they have called it) on Monday, I was just flitting around, doing my thing, blissfully ignorant, none the wiser. 

Which meant that come Tuesday (I worked from home Monday due to crazy commutes in the snow and still getting over strep) I was hugely unprepared. I can't find last year's snow boots, which were a size too small anyway, which is beside the point, so I almost ruined one of my favorite pairs of boots marching (high knees) through the snow on our walk and drive. It also meant that since there are still bags of leaves blocking the entry to the garage, I couldn't park inside, which means I had to scrape snow and ice off my car before even getting going. AND I didn't realize I was out of gas until I got halfway to work, and only then did I find out that my purse was at home...

Okay so yes, yesterday was one of those days. Today is certainly better, though I still haven't found my boots, so I opted for tennis shoes on the way to work and at the kids drop off, and I slipped on suede flats once in the building. 

So the moral of this story is that while snow is beautiful and the first snows are exciting, SNOW is really a lot of work. SNOW is like a giant pain in the ass. Some people here say "if it's snowing, it's not too cold" and while I guess that is true, I would almost rather it be super cold than deal with the snow. I am such a scrooge, aren't I? Snow is pretty to look at, out your panorama window, while sitting by the fire drinking a glass of wine. But snow, while deceivingly white, makes everything around you (once you are in it) dirty and uncomfortable. It's like sand. Let's be honest. It's like sand. What if it "sanded" where you lived? It would be totally absurd. Snow is kind of the same if you remove the romanticism from it.

I know what you are thinking "Oh Sam, it's November. This is going to be a long winter..." but I'm not really angry at the snow yet. I'm just positing the idea that the world is tricked by the romance of the snow when it's really just like sand. 

But the kids love it- and that makes me happy.

I love this picture of Davis. After I took the picture of the three of them, he just stood right in front of me, smiling, as if to say "LOOK! do you see how happy I am?" He is feeling better, and he also LOVES playing in the snow at school.

So anyway- enough about snow. This afternoon, I have my workout with John at the Y. It's been a while since we've all been sick, I've had to miss the last three weeks, so this one is going to be painful, I'm sure. I'll feel so good when it's done, though. THEN, we are meeting Sarah and the boys (and Paige!) at Chik Fil A for dinner because both Nate and Bennett are out of town for work. Then tomorrow night, I have a late meeting at work with new clients, and I simply cannot miss and I've been panicking all week because I usually leave work at 4:00 and this meeting doesn't end until 5:30, and with snow, it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to 90, and what about the beans? Murphy is busy, Sarah is leaving to see her sister in Texas, tomorrow, so luckily one of our favorite sitters can pick them up at school. Thank goodness. And she was already scheduled to watch the beans tomorrow night while I have girls night out with Krissy and friends, so I'm just glad it all worked out. I'm thankful it all worked out.

And yes, this does mean we are missing our 2nd week of the 2nd round of swimming lessons (on Thursdays) but what can I do? I am also missing both kids Thanksgiving lunches (yesterday and today) at school because again, I've missed so much work lately. And part of me feels really bad, and the other part of me is like "Sam. Think about the world. Think about real problems. Your kids know you love them. You go to most everything. Don't be that person that feels guilty about things like this. Guilt (especially over things like this) is really so stupid." And so that's where I left it. It does help that Nate and Sarah are going and have asked Holden and Davis to sit with them at each one. Nate sent me this picture yesterday, and after school Holden told me that her class had a big party and that she sat by Bennett and Sarah and Nate. And she was pleased as a peach. So there you go.

Saturday is gymnastics and then Bennett is going to the Gophers game...then Saturday evening is Parent's Night Out at school, which means Bennett and I will get to go have dinner together somewhere, which will be nice since he has been gone all week. Then Sunday, we better get our lazy selves to church before we are struck down for our iniquities. (I'm kidding about that...sort of). So that is a look at our week. I hope you are having a great week and I hope that it is not 18 degrees wherever you are- but that if it is- you try to remember (like I am) that our ability to rise above such things as temperature is a telling sign of your ability to live beyond the boring and unimportant details of life. Am I right? Anyway. Sort of a random post today...but sometimes I just have a lot to say.