Okay, so it wasn't a random fever. Apparently little D and I have had strep throat for the last week or so. And we only confirmed this on Sunday- AFTER- his birthday weekend. So, while he was definitely under the weather and less than ecstatic and bouncing off the walls, he really had a great birthday. 

First things first, he was so thrilled that Nikki was here. We all were. All weekend, the beans argued over who got to sit by her. There was a lot of seat stealing the second the person who had the lucky seat moved. And Nikki had to put each of them to bed. Bennett and I were chopped liver. My favorite part of the weekend was when Davis asked Nikki why she couldn't always stay here, and after she responded with "I have to go back to teach..." he looked at her and said "But don't the people you teach know you have me?" SO SWEET.

Friday morning started with donuts and presents- can you beat that? Doubtful.

Then Friday night, we introduced Nikki to the amazing 8th wonder of the world that is The Tin Shed. A pizza joint next to a gas station in Savage Minnesota. That happens to be Holden and Davis' favorite place to go. Birthday boy got to pick- so there you go. The Ohmes came along- and it was a really fun night of games and presents, pizza and cake.


And then Saturday morning was spent making some of the fabulous lego presents people gave Davis. He was in heaven.

While watching the Lego movie, of course. And then Saturday afternoon, we had the big party. Okay, so while Pump it Up is totally cheesy, it is a great and very easy way to have a successful party for 3-5 year olds. There were about 20 kids total and they had a BLAST. Also, the place makes a really big effort to make the birthday boy (or girl) feel incredibly special. And holy cow- look at that Emmit cake- yes, Bennett kept the tradition of making his cake and I think it turned out great. There are five layers under there.

And yes, that is an Emmit sweatshirt. This was a very Lego year for Davis.

Didn't get many big smiles for these pictures. Imagine, he was jumping and running around all while having strep. I feel so bad. And imagine how many parents were trashing my name after I had to let them all know that the birthday boy had strep. Oops. It never fails- when you take them in to the doctor, it's viral and you're just supposed to wait it out. When you DON'T, they have strep. And you do too. Hmmph.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Thank you Nikki, for being here!