Sneaky Feelings.

I haven't felt super homesick in a while and all of the sudden I have begun to feel it creeping up on me, taking over the general mood of my days. Blech. It's the worst feeling. I feel like as long as we have been here, I've made a good effort to get home every once in a while so I can get a fix of friends and family and also so I can remind myself that it's just life going on there too...but it feels like it's been a long stretch. And I really planned to get home during October, but the weekends have just been filling up. This Sunday I go to Nashville, and then next weekend I'm going with some girlfriends to Chicago, then the next weekend Niles & Polly are coming to visit, and then it's already Halloween. 

All fun stuff- but I honestly wish I could just pop home one of those weekends instead. Hmmph.

Anyway. It is what it is. Maybe I'll sneak a trip in before Christmas- or maybe I'll just save it for the worst months of the year: January and February. For now, I'm going to focus on Nikki's visit in early November. :-)

And to shift to a more positive note...I'm bringing back the "What I Love Wednesday" posts. Here goes!

I did yoga during lunch yesterday with some girls from work. We were on the 24th floor of our building- the floor is vacant and it's floor to ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the city- such a beautiful view. It felt both GREAT to stretch and work hard like that and it also felt awkward as I haven't practiced yoga in a while. I'm so glad I did it though. I slept like a log last night too...which I haven't been doing since MouseGate started up.

Yesterday was a long day and after picking the kids up, Davis kindly asked if we could go to Old McDonalds. I said "Sure Davis..." and he said "MOM! What if you said "no" to doing fun stuff every day?" I said "That would be the pits wouldn't it, Davis? Do you think I'm pretty fun?" To which he said "Yes, I really like you. And I really like daddy too." Great compliment from a four, almost five, year old. Ha.

Lets be clear- he's no Ahmad...but he's pretty fun and great too and I love chatting with him, working out and feeling sore for days afterwards. Seriously- last week I was sore from our workout on Wednesday until Friday. Ha.

I'm so thankful that the Ohme's (said: oh-mee) were relocated back right before we moved here. We spend a lot of time with them- the kids have a blast- and so do the adults...and it's nice to have so much in common with Sarah. Bennett and Nate work together, our kids are in the same classes at school, and so we deal with a lot of the same stuff. She invited me to a party next week, and while I don't think I can go, it made me feel good that I get invited to stuff regularly, unlike when we first got here.

Today Holden sat at our office desk in front of the computer while I was getting dressed. I looked at her and said "Oh Holden, is that your office?" She got a huge grin and then we played "going to work" all the way to school this morning. I was pretending that I was a bus driver and I would tell them as we got closer to their stop. She brought a Target bag to school with her, pretending she needed all the stuff in there for work. She LOVED it.

Okay- that's all I have today. Hope you're having a great week!