Let Er Rip.

This was a very fun and busy weekend. I'm still recovering, honestly. Friday night we went over to Nate and Sarah's for pizza and playing...Saturday morning I went to the gym and then we had swimming lessons...Saturday afternoon I took Davis to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese...and then Saturday night we went to a party for a friend and then went to The Otter for Karaoke. 

Brooks hid under the table most of the time when Chuck E Cheese was walking around- which reminded me of me when I was little. Those big animals gave me the heebie jeebies. Davis was so excited about this party- we really had a special few hours together as we picked out a gift for George and went to the party together. He just kept hugging me and telling me he was so happy and how much he loved me. Such a doll these days.

Ellie and I at Maija's engagement party...Ellie is from California and we worked together for a while. Now we just try to get together for lunch or happy hour every once in a while so we can see each other. She lives in Northeast St. Paul and we live in Southwest Minneapolis- so we have to plan things regularly otherwise we never cross paths!

And this is Eden, who I currently work with. She is hysterical and you can hear her laugh a mile away. Sometimes I just die laughing in my office listening to her laugh down the hall. She is from Arkansas, so we laugh and talk about the south and all the funny things for move-ins in Minnesota.

And a funny shot of Bennett, debating what song he was going to sing. We had a lot of fun. I'm glad we did so much fun stuff with the kids on Friday and Saturday because on Sunday, we barely got out of our pajamas.

Oh I have a funny story...we caught another mouse and I overheard Bennett showing it to Davis and telling him about it. Davis' responses were super cute. 

Bennett: See this mouse? He got caught in the trap and he died...

Davis: But I can SEE him.

Bennett: Yes, but he died. This is his body and his soul went up to mousey heaven.

Davis: What's his soul?

Bennett: Your soul is what makes you who you are, your heart, the way you think, etc.

Davis: (while looking at the trap and seeing that it was the mouse's nose that got snapped) OH. So you mean just his nosey died? 

Bennett: Umm, sort of. 

Davis: Can I bring this to school and show my friends?

Funny boys. Ha. Hope you have a great Monday!