This is such a fun time for us as a family- meaning that both Davis and Holden are in such great places, and such awesome ages. Davis, especially, has seen such progress over the last year. I am so very thankful that we saw great doctors and had help from his teachers, and that we've gotten things nailed down with his ADHD meds, so that he can be successful and feel proud of himself. His confidence has grown, and in the past month or so, you can just see that he is truly and naturally happy. Granted, he is still a much more serious and thoughtful kid than say, Holden, but there is a significance difference between serious and frustrated.

Yesterday, I took Holden to the grocery store, and when I got home, without even asking, he began to help me unload the groceries. He's never done this before, so when I told him how thankful I was, you could just see his face beam with pride. And he said "I'm very helpful, putting these groceries away. I think maybe I should get a cookie!" He's still four, after all. HA.

And he just giggles and smiles in a way that he hasn't always done before. I'm so thankful.

A couple shots of him and his pals at Brick Buddiez. Man does he love Brick Buddiez. He asks almost every day if it's Wednesday because that's when Ms Wendie comes with her legos.

And Holden, she's just as happy as always. She smiles and giggles and says "thank you" all the time. She asks permission to do things 24/7, like things you don't really need to ask permission for, like "can i sit here, mommy?" or "can i smell these flowers?" And then of course the stuff she shouldn't be doing, she just does...

She really only complains when Davis "isn't SHURRING" - that's how she says "sharing". And she all of the sudden cannot sleep without every single stuffed animal in the house in her bed with her, along with some hardback books, and 2-3 blankets. She says she wants her friends and that they are "cozy". 

Holden saw this pink monster hat at the grocery store last night that she couldn't live without. I nearly left without getting Davis one because he doesn't really care so much about hats- but on second thought- I grabbed one for him. I'm so glad that I did because as we walked up to the house, he looked right at me and said "Did you get one for me, like Holden's?" They are very proud of these silly monster hats...and today it's about 36 degrees, so they were able to wear them.

I told them to make their best scary monster faces. :-)

So on an unrelated note- a quick update on Rwanda. I don't think I mentioned it, but I paid my deposit back in mid-September. The application date was coming up and I wanted to be the one to make the decision rather than just not be able to go because there weren't enough spaces or something. So I took a deep breath and I sent my money in and I felt great about it.

And like everyone else, I'm sure, I've been watching all the news about Ebola and wondering if and how that will impact the trip. I know that the outbreak is in West Africa, but the other day I was reading up on it and noticed that there are travel restrictions beyond the western area, including Rwanda. After some thought about it, I let them know that I didn't feel right about the timing, just due to everything going on. I feel like it is the right decision, but I do feel bad that this is sort of an example of what we do as Americans- we see a major crisis and for the most part- instead of figuring out how to help, we just steer clear of it. I don't like that...so I'm going to do two things: 1) try to simply postpone the trip until next year (hopefully it will be safer) and also figure out how I can give of my other resources to help the people out in Africa. 

Anyway- that's my update.