Mouse Update.

I have not been sleeping well at all this week, probably worrying about those stupid mice. What makes matters worse is that now I've actually had TWO sightings, making the situation very real. The first sighting was in the kitchen in the middle of the night- on the floor. The second is well, just the grossest, worst situation ever. Read at your own risk.

I went downstairs yesterday morning to try to find Davis' Viking's jersey for "Team Day" at school. I never do this, but that day, I lifted up the laundry basket and set it down on top of the dryer. I lifted up the first few layers of clothes, and then...I saw it...a mouse tail.


There was a mouse, in a trap, in my laundry basket. The Orkin man told me that he had put some traps in the false ceiling in our laundry room downstairs and apparently- it fell down from there. It could have fallen on my head!!! I was so grossed out. I almost threw up. So clearly I left it there until Bennett got home last night. I don't do mice. And he found two others caught in traps.

So I'm telling myself that we've got them all. The Orkin man DID say that while there were mouse droppings- there weren't many- so he felt we could get rid of them pretty quickly. Eww. I hate it. I can't even.

So that's the update. I'm hopeful it's the only one.

Today we have swimming lessons, then George's birthday party, and then tonight Davis and I are going to a party downtown for some friends of ours who got married a few weeks ago. Then Sunday, maybe we'll try again on the apple orchards. We'll see.

Have a great weekend!