What a beautiful weekend- seriously the weather was just unbelievable and we tried to soak up as much of the sun and beautiful fall air as possible. I think we were pretty successful too! The kids stayed home on Friday with Bennett so they could spend time with Lela, Niles and Polly. Friday night, after work, we went and played at the park and then had dinner at Edina Grill, which was a bit chaotic due to slow service...but fun nonetheless.

Saturday we had swim lessons and found out that Holden will be moving up to Davis' class for the next session. They've both improved so much. I only wish we had started Davis sooner- I think it's just so much easier and more natural for Holden since she is younger. I think they will have fun in class together though! 

Saturday afternoon, we just sort of hung around the house and played. Honestly, I do wish the kids would have had more fun together. Lela is super timid and I don't think she knew what to do with Holden and Davis, so she played by herself a lot. I think Holden was especially bummed. As you can see, she was pretty excited to have a new friend at her house:


I call this one: Snow White and Chris Farley. Ha. Holden was super smitten with Niles. She wanted to play with him all the time, would ask him to sit by her, and would even just look at him and say "Can I have a kiss?"

How much does Davis' hair look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber here? I think it might be time for a visit to Great Clips. :-)

Anyway...Saturday night we had a babysitter come over and the four of us went to try a St. Paul classic: The Nook. They are known for their burgers and I just went in thinking a) a burger is a burger and b) no way can it actually live up to all this hype...but it DID. So good. Here is a picture of Bennett's burger(s). He went a little overboard, I think...but he enjoyed every bite.

There are dollar bills stapled all over the ceiling, with people's names written on them. I guess the idea comes from old fishing/crabbing towns- men would staple money to the walls/ceilings in case they didn't make any money from their haul- this way, no matter what, when they came back, they could have a beer. 

There was also a bowling alley in the basement- so of course we bowled a round. 

We went to an amazing park yesterday and also to the Minnetonka Orchards. Finally. My friends at work keep teasing me because I have been saying I am going almost every weekend since mid-September. We finally made it out there- the Ohmes came too- and we had a great time, but I will post about that tomorrow.

Long story short: it was a great weekend, it was super fun to see Niles, Polly and Lela, and it's also super nice to have our house to ourselves, and things back to normal, again. Ha. :-) Have a great day!