Apple Donuts.

There are many apple orchards/pumpkin patches in the Minneapolis area...but only one of them serves hot off the press apple donuts with cinnamon and sugar graciously coating their fluffy outsides. And therefore, this is the only orchard the beans have any interest in visiting. I don't blame them. I don't even like donuts, and I can agree that these are amazing. 

We all piled (literally- there were 7 of us) in the Tahoe Sunday afternoon and drove out to Minnetonka Orchards to try to enjoy the last of the fall before it is chased out by it's evil sister, winter...

We had the best time...and when we do things like this, I'm thankful we live in the Midwest right now. Seasons are really great, y'all. The Ohmes met us out there, so Davis and Holden were super excited. 

Davis brought three swords- just enough for him, Brooks and Bennett. He is really such a thoughtful kid these days. A good friend, for sure. He let the boys borrow two of his swords until he sees them Friday for halloween. Holden could have cared less about the swords, she just kept saying "I need MUN MORE DONUT...MUN MORE DONUT, PEASE."

We went on a hayride, the kids rode the trains, they jumped on the hay pile, we ate apples and drank fresh cider...what's not to love?

Too bad that random lady is in my amazing picture. HMMPH.
More tomorrow!