The Green Park.

We brought dinner and played at the park after school yesterday with Sarah, Brooks, Bennett and Paige. Everything was going well until we realized, with two newly potty-trained kids in tow, that the outdoor bathrooms were locked. Lets just say, there was a lot happening behind the trees. Ha.  The kids had a blast and I got to hold this sweet little gal! I gave her the little outfit she has on. 

She is four weeks old. It's crazy how much she changes every week- each time I see her I feel like she looks like a different little person. Davis loves to come hold her hand or pat her. And Holden will say "but i want to HOLD her..."

The boys played like crazy last night- especially Brooks and Davis. They are really at an age where they are becoming good pals and can really play together. They were pretending to be ninjas last night at the park, so that was pretty fun to watch. 

This thing is sort of like a big see saw- and they really had it going. The little guy in the middle- Bennett- is probably the toughest of all of them. He's built like a little brick house and he doesn't take any crap from anyone. He and Holden are in the same class- but they don't really play together so much. Too early, I guess. Or it could be that while the big boys always try to help Holden and get her what she wants or needs, Bennett tries to take whatever she wants and needs. BOYS. Hmmph.

Last night when we got home there was a package on our step from Honey. Oh it was like christmas- you should have heard the squeals. I wish I could have captured it on video, but I was too busy trying to help them open the package to see what was inside. She sent a cute little outfit for Holden, and a great little bank for Davis, but the best things in there were FRUIT ROLL UPS and FRUIT SNACKS! They were SOOOOO excited. Honey sent me a cool little sussy too. It's so fun to get care packages. 

Niles, Polly and Lela are here. Lela is so cute- super shy so far- but hopefully she will warm up. I'm at work today- so I'll hang with them later this evening. Okay- have a great weekend.