Change can look like many things, and yesterday, it looked like this:

My hair was getting soooo long. And I wasn't really doing much with it (surprise, surprise) so I wanted a change, but I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to cut it and I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted if I did cut it. So, imagine my surprise as I am debating this with myself (aloud) and I hear the unmistakable sound of scissors tearing across chunks of hair. ???!!!! Talk about exhilarating. I think I said something like "Oh- did you just cut it off?" And she showed me her hands full of my hair. And there we were. Luckily I like it. It's sort of a long bob- the back is shorter than the front. I was joking with Eden that I think I subconsciously asked for Kristin Cavallari's haircut after seeing her in Chicago last weekend. HA! Anyway, I like it. And thank goodness. Wish I could show you the back in this pic- but it's pretty limiting, taking a picture of yourself in your car at a stop sign.

So that was fun. And then I bought a book I have been DYING to read: Lena Dunham's "Not that Kind of Girl" and I only read about 25 pages, but I laughed out loud at least five times. She is my hero. 

And here is a picture I snapped of the kids before school today. 

Holden told me it's going to snow today. She sure-as-shit better be wrong. :-) They are a hoot. Holden has started saying she doesn't want Lela to come. Now- I think half of that is 2 year old chatter- but I also think she doesn't want to share her spotlight with another little girl. OH LAWD GIVE US STRENGTH. HA.

They get in tonight around 11:30, and I work tomorrow, so for me, the festivities will begin Saturday. We are going out Saturday night and I think it's Lela's first babysitter ever- so hopefully that goes well. I cannot imagine what we would do without help from sitters. Gotta get out and about to stay sane for goodness sakes! 

Anyway- tomorrow I'm giving a talk at work and I haven't started preparing it yet- so I better jet.

Have a good one.