the hard way.

As mentioned, Holden is very much in the throes of being two and being super particular and bossy about almost everything. She just really loves the drama these days and if I thought Davis was stubborn, I knew nothing. So she is mainly great fun, but at night lately, we have a showdown almost every night. She tries to stall, she refuses to put her pajamas on, she takes them off (including her diaper) after I leave the room, she throws all her animals out and then cries until I put them back in. Well last night, I had really had enough. 

After about the third time going in, I looked at her and I said with a very stern voice "This is your LAST CHANCE HOLDEN. If you cannot lie down and act like a big girl, then I will take your animals and your motes (sippy cup of milk) out of your bed." And then I did the slow count. "ONE...TWO..." And as I did this, she stared at her feet and I couldn't help but see her grin widen the further I I said "Holden Eloise- look at me." And of course she refused. So I took my finger and pushed her chin up...and her face was beaming with mischief, curiosity and pride. And I tried to keep my face straight and I said "HOLDEN. WE CAN DO THIS THE EASY WAY- OR THE HARD WAY. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO..."

And she looked me in the eye, with a little grin on her face as though she had been waiting her whole life for this moment, stuck out her chin and said "The hard way." I had to turn around and walk out of the room otherwise I didn't know if I would scream or laugh.

OH MY LAWD. She is going to give us all gray hair. It's like you almost have to ignore her when you can see that she is trying to be stubborn and get a response. And it's so frustrating. And also almost impossible not to laugh. Last night I was telling her that if she wanted a popsicle on the back porch like Davis that she had to put her jacket on. She looked at me and said "I HAVE MY JACKET ON." I looked at her and said "Holden, no you don't. If you want to go on the porch and have a popsicle, you have to go get your jacket and put it on." "I HAVE MY JACKET ON...." and so on and so forth.

And then Davis looked at me and he goes "Why does she say that she has her jacket on when she doesn't have it on?" I said "I don't know Davis- sometimes when kids are two years old- they are a bit difficult and they try to see what they can get away with..." "What does that mean?" He said. Try explaining that. I tried and I guess I got the point across because later when Bennett asked Holden for a kiss before bed and she outright turned her cheek away from him, he said "Dad, it's okay. Sometimes when kids are babies they try to be a little mean. She'll grow out of it."

HA! Have a good Wednesday, or "Brick Buddies Day" as we call it at our house! Speaking of, here are a few pictures of Davis from Brick Buddies.