I'm back! And though I was dreading the drive- it was not so bad at all. AND, we had a really great time all weekend. We literally talked and laughed the whole 8 hour drive there and back. It was great. I'm really thankful I had that time with fun new girlfriends. And guess who I ran into in Chicago? My godmother, Cynthia. On Michigan Avenue. Isn't that crazy? We also ran into Kristin Cavallari. NUTS!

Our lunch/break stop in the middle of Wisconsin. We loved it. Also- the drive through Wisconsin was SOOO beautiful. The leaves are changing and there are beautiful green farms and hills everywhere and it looked like a damn postcard! I tried to capture pictures- but they do no justice- so here are a few from the web. It really looked like this! So pretty...

I told my girlfriends that I want a bumper sticker I saw on the drive that says "I am here. My heart is in Wisconsin." HA! 

photo 5 (68) copy.jpg

My partners in the adventure: Eden on the left, and Megan on the right. Eden's real name isn't Eden, but she's gone by it forever, so we have that in common. HA.

The three of us taking a selfie in the back of the cab. Our cab driver told us his name was Kung Pao. Kung Pao Chicken. And he played "Shake it Off" as loud as possible and we all danced the whole way to dinner Friday. We had dinner in Wicker Park with some of Megan's friends at this great little sushi place called Enso. Then we went bar hopping and we met two dudes from Texas- one from Austin, and one who went to Baylor. What are the chances? 

Kristin Cavallari sighting at Nordstrom. We were just walking around looking at things and there was all this commotion and a huge line and somehow an open couch right next to her, so Eden and I just went and sat on it and next thing you know we were snapping pictures for every teenager in Chicago. Sometimes you walk into the most interesting things.

Do you like my hat? I bought it because it was CUTE. And, it was COLD. Windy city is right. Hope you had a great weekend. More tomorrow on getting back to the beans.