Oh my goodness, I couldn't get out of the car fast enough when I got home Sunday. And poor Davis even began to cry because our front screen door was locked and he couldn't get it open to hug me. I was so happy to be home. All night long, my special three people, gave me such big smiles and hugs and it was worth a million bucks. 

Davis has taken hard work to a new level. It's like he has realized what capitalism is through our quarter system, and now he is constantly looking for opportunities to earn a little cash. Ha. Apparently he worked so hard helping Bennett rake the leaves on Saturday that he said his back hurt later that night. He also earned $7.60 over the last week or first things first, he wanted to take his cash to Target to pick out a little lego set when I got home. We did that, and then we went to this cute little organic pizza place in Linden Hills, Pizzeria Lola. It was tasty and very fun! I missed the three of them so much!

Waiting for a table...admiring his lego set. It's for 9-14 year olds and he did most of it himself. He is really so talented in this area- it's super cool to watch. We always encourage him to get legos with his money instead of other toys because 1) he loves them and 2) they work his little brain.

Pictures on the wall...

Just waiting patiently for his pizza...while eyeing the pizza at the table next to us.

Oh she looks so old to me here- her face looks different...and it's killing me. And here is what is killing her. HER NEW GYMNASTICS LEOTARD!!! I've never seen her so excited about something. These pictures are blurry- because she couldn't stand still. She was too busy posing and doing somersaults. 

Awesome backdrop of trash, right? Our life is really glamorous. Ha. 

Oh, so last night, Davis said some really funny things I don't want to forget. We were building his lego set and I noticed how long and gross his nails were, so I began to clip them. He looked at me, so frustrated and very sincerely said "MOM. I hate it when you clip my nails because it's harder to do my legos and pick my boogies." I DIED LAUGHING.

He is just sooo fun to be around these days. Holden is currently the little pill. The twos have set in. More on that little sass pants tomorrow. Have a great day!