Silly Beans.

On Wednesday night, after eating dinner and playing for a while, the three of us made some Halloween cookies. I say "made" loosely as these were the kind you simply set on the tray and cook for 8-10 minutes. But they got to line them all up and felt very excited to watch them get bigger. As we waited, they sat at the little counter, making silly faces, and playing with stuffed animals. 

Holden has become a hoarder. She now insists on putting about 47 things in her bed each night. Three blankets, 12 stuff animals, a couple books...I have to stop her at some point. Sometimes she also carries them around. Wednesday night, she brought two blankets and four stuffed animals to sit at the counter with her, and every time I thought she had brought the last one out, she pulled out another. 

Anyway- this post has no real point except that we had a lot of fun making silly faces while waiting for the cookies. And I guess one key takeaway is that sometimes the easiest things are the best things. It took about 12 minutes total, there was no mess to clean up, and I had two happy little campers with their halloween cookies.


Have a great weekend! It's supposed to get into the 40s here- so that will be CRAZY!