So swimming is going along well, swimmingly...though it will end the first week of November. I think it has been super fun, a huge confidence booster, and Davis can now actually swim across the pool. He has a floaty on, but whereas he used to be flopping around all the time, with little control of his limbs, he now actually SWIMS and can get from one place to another. So that's been great. 

But gymnastics is the one thing that Davis has tried that he has asked about consistently for the last year. We started last fall and basically went from August to January and then sort of took a break to try other things, but he always asks about it. He would do gymnastics and Holden would stand on the other side of the window and basically mimic the things he would do. So I am very excited to say that Holden will be in her first gymnastics class this fall too! AND, i'm even more excited to order leotards for her. HA! Usually I try to keep her fashions pretty forward, but I do have a little bit of J.Lo in me, so I say, the shinier the better when it comes to gymnastics. I just ordered her this purple number- and oh my gosh- when it comes in the mail, she is going to die.

There are SOOOO many tacky outfits to choose from. Neon green velvet cheetah print, Black velvet with sparkly hearts and peace signs...I figured this one would be practical and appropriate, while also fulfilling our, i mean her, desire for some shimmer. It's going to be so fun. I have to really talk myself out of ordering like a warm-up suit for her. I just think about all the things I would have DIED over when I was little like her and want her to have that...

Anyway- that's all I got. Have a good weekend!