Back in Minne.

I'm back in Minneapolis- at least until tomorrow morning. I was so excited to get on that earlier flight from Nashville, I was able to surprise the honey bees and pick them up at school, and this also meant that I got to spend an extra evening with them, which makes Chicago seem like more fun. I was starting to dread it, just because I missed them, and I don't really love being away. It makes my heart melt when they RUN to hug me, don't want to let go, and tell me over and over how much they miss me. I think Holden missed me the most this time- she won't leave my side. Though she constantly insists that someone else is her best friend- she will never give me the satisfaction of saying it's me. This week, in fact, it's a little boy at school named Will. For some reason, she says his name with a thick southern accent, and it sounds like Wee-yull. 

She also likes to stick crayons up her nose just to make me laugh. And I laugh every time.

She is still obsessed with Frozen, and her favorite thing to do after dinner and playing, is to snuggle up on the couch and watch just a little bit before bed. I have now seen this movie 5,987 times. And Davis is starting to revolt, he is so tired of watching it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.34.39 PM.png

So, instead of watching Frozen, he and Bennett built this little Lego Star Wars toy in the kitchen. 

Look at my handsome men! I'm so lucky. 

So today after work I'm going to clean out my car for our road trip, drop some stuff off at Goodwill, and then either take the kids to the park or go get some pumpkins for some carving tonight. Hopefully next weekend we'll go to the orchard while Niles, Polly and Lela are in town, but/so grocery store pumpkins will have to work until then. 

Okay, more later! Cross your fingers that the drive to Chicago goes quickly- and that we don't have any setbacks. We are staying right off Michigan Ave, and I'm super excited about 1) going out with all of Megan's girlfriends Friday night (she is from Chicago), doing an architecture tour and riding bikes on Saturday, and then we're going to play Saturday night by ear.