Music City.

Hi there! I'm writing this from the Nashville airport, my initial flight at 6:40 was delayed until 8:30, and I'm sitting standby on a flight that leaves at 3:00. I HOPE I get on that flight. I want to see my little people before they go to sleep tonight.

Nashville was actually a lot more fun than I thought- I was traveling with two fun people from work- and we had a surprise concert at the Grand Ole Opry: Alan Jackson! Very fun to be there and the opening band was really great, and so was Mr. Jackson.

Man, the southern accent is thick in Nashville. And everyone calls you "baby" and "ma'am" and the people watching is pretty strong too. Now, fashion? I wouldn't exactly call Nashville a city of good fashion...I might call it the opposite in fact. Ha. 

Anyway, before I left for Nashville, we had some fun on Saturday. We had swimming lessons, Bennett made a Nutella pie to compete at the school's Fall Festival, and then the Ohmes came over for dinner and games. Did I mention that Bennett WON the pie contest? I'm not surprised...he is very talented in the kitchen. There were over 12 pies, so not too bad! It was a fun, but short weekend.

Davis' class is after Holden's- so we usually sit and watch and he has a little snack. It's a 45 minute wait, so he is always a bit antsy. This weekend I realized that if he would listen to me, he could swim alone in the pool next to Holden's and I could watch them both. He listened really well, stayed where it was shallow (since I wasn't swimming) and had a great time instead of sitting and waiting.

I love this picture. Just two pals, hanging on the side of the pool, chatting. 

Davis' class got in this cool canoe during their lesson and learned what to do if the boat tips over, and things like that. I guess when you live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, this is standard protocol. 

So that's what I got today! Cross your fingers that I get on this flight!