Bennett is home so last night after school and work, we went to Target to pick out halloween costumes. If you will recall, last year we waited too long, and had to cut the legs off Davis' Ninja Turtle costume so it would fit. Davis went in saying he wanted to be a ninja, and Holden wanted to be a princess. We left with one Transformer and one little girl riding a unicorn. Holden seriously picked the BEST costume. I'll get a better picture this weekend or on Halloween, but basically her legs are the horses back legs and then there are two stuffed legs in front, a head, and reins. She giddy-uped all the way through Target, to the car, and even slept with her horse last night. She kept hugging its face saying "I love him. I love my horse." I WAS DYING over it. She even kept it on in her seat as you can see here.

On the way to Target, they busied themselves eating Goldfish and making funny faces. 

We then went home and played in the costumes for a while, and everyone in the house was asleep by 8:45. It's been busy. However, when you go to bed at 8:45, sometimes you wake up at 1:30, ready for the day. And you have to wake your partner (Bennett) up because you've missed him so much and you want him to watch a documentary with you. :-) He was annoyed at first, and then I reminded him of the fact that we aren't 95 and gave him a bit of a Cease the Day talk, and he was in. I love that about him.

Two other things: I got Davis' birthday invitations yesterday. I found out I can't do an email, so instead I ordered paper invites for everyone and I tried to give the visual cue of a bouncy house so the kids will see and be excited. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but Davis is super excited and he was so happy with to see the invites. 

photo 1.JPG

And also I picked up some beautiful flowers at the farmers market downtown yesterday. It's literally out my front office door- but I always forget to get cash to buy flowers. They are like $5 and gorgeous, so it's really silly, and I was so excited to bring these home yesterday.

See that little pumpkin to the left? Holden will walk by the table and say "Can I look at that pumpkin mommy?" I will say "yes" and then she will lean her head in about 4 inches from it and just stare. It's really funny.

So this weekend we are going to the fall festival at the kids' school, and we're going to compete in the pie contest, so that is what we are doing tonight. Making our first pie. We'll see how that turns out. Then Sunday I head to Nashville until Tuesday night, I have a conference in Minne Wednesday, back in the office Thursday, and then I leave for Chicago Friday with some girls from work. ZOINKS. It's going to be busy. I am trying to be super excited about it all- but I hate being gone when Bennett is here. I guess that's the Catch 22. So, not sure how much I will be able to blog next week, but I'll definitely try to post a time or two. 

Have a great weekend.