Get Out of My Life.

First things first- thank you for all of your support and excitement about my new plans. Really it makes a difference and makes me feel even more confident and sure about it all.

Second of all- GET OUT OF MY LIFE, mouse! Yes, we have a mouse at our house. BLECH. Maybe even more than one, which I still refuse to believe at this point...

So when Carrie and Zach came to stay, they said they heard scratching above their ceiling and then a couple weeks later, we heard it too. Also, we found some bites in our bananas and oh my gosh, just writing about it makes me want to throw up. So we had the Orkin man come visit and he set a bunch of traps. I was worried there were rats in the ceiling or something- but he assured me that "there are no rats in Edina" which I thought was funny...and said that it's probably mice and if not, it could be a squirrel, but we should wait and see.

So he set the traps and now all I can think about is WHEN I'm going to see the mice. And holy cow- I didn't realize how squirmy I am about mice. I guess I've just never had to think about them, but it's like I spend 25% of my day now thinking about these damn vermin. AND THEN LAST NIGHT, I got up around midnight to get Davis some water, and sure enough, as I walked into the kitchen I saw the tiniest gray ball dart across the floor. I almost barfed. And then I went back and told Davis the faucet wasn't working. I wasn't a) going to tell him about the mice or b) going to go all the way in there, so he had to deal with being parched all night. Small price to pay, I say.

So here is the worst part...
I had a drink with my friend Krissy the other night (which was so fun- I love her) and I told her the situation and she basically let me know that this is the situation in Edina. Everyone has mice at some point or another because the backyards are so big and field-like. Part of me wants to refuse to believe this gross fact and the other part of me feels better that I don't just have a (particularly) gross house with mice in it.

And you know, I was thinking that Pico would really deal with the situation, but I don't know if it's because he's old or mice give him the creeps, but he hasn't even noticed. Hmmph. I really think he should catch them and dispose of them to earn his keep. There is no such thing as a free lunch around here, Pico.

Anyway- this is all I can think about these days- other than my new life, which I am still so excited about. OH AND ALSO, I am so thrilled that Nikki is going to come in November. I have been missing her so much and I just had this idea that maybe she could come and help me with Davis' 5th birthday. I was hesitant to ask, but I did, and now she is coming, and I am so excited. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT. 

So let's talk about Davis' birthday party. It's his first non-family/family friends party. In Texas we always had our family and close group of friends come celebrate him at Phil's. It was the best. Everyone had such a fun time. Last year was our first year here and we didn't really know anyone and also Davis ended up being sick so I took Davis and Holden to Chuck E Cheese while Bennett was out of town. It was sort of sad for me- but it wasn't for Davis- so that's good.

Anyway- this year I'm inviting his whole class to this place called Pump it Up, which is basically a gymnasium full of giant inflatable bounce houses. One room is even glow in the dark. Anyway- to get the good hours, like on a Saturday afternoon, you have to book the whole of course I did and now I have MAJOR ANXIETY about getting the kids to come.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like they wouldn't want to come hang out with Davis, but it's more that if the parents are like me they're thinking "I don't even know these people- so unless Davis really wants to go- I don't know if I'm going to go..." And I really don't know any of the parents because we drop them off later and pick them up later than most...

So I have a couple strategies I'm going to put in place. First things first- I'm taking Davis to George's birthday party this Saturday to meet the parents and drop a mention about his birthday. Second, I'm going to send a Paperless Post to all the parents, but I'm also going to give Davis print invitations to hand out. Overkill? I think not. Brilliance? Me thinks yes.

Here's what I know- the only way to get people to RSVP so you can get a dang head count and also manage your son's expectations is to send it via email. Here's what else I know- if you want to sell something to the mom- you gotta make the kid WANT IT. So yes, I'm going to cut and paste pictures of blissfully happy kids jumping on those bouncy houses and I'm going to get Davis to hand them out and build the buzz. 

Before you think I'm a stage mom...I actually could care less if just 2-3 kids came. But I want Davis to have fun, and I'm nervous he will feel sad if it's only him and Brooks at the party. You know? So yeah- I'm going to have a plan in place. Although truth is- when he knows Nikki is coming- that is all he will care about. :-)

Wow I had a lot to say today...

Here are some pictures from the last week/weekend.