Fall is so great because it's so cozy. And there is nothing a Bennett likes more than being cozy. The other day when Davis was sick, he was lying next to me in my bed, and his had drifted over to my cheek. He rubbed my cheek, but his head on my chest and said "You're so cozy, mommy."

ALSO- this will blow your mind- or if not it blows mine and that is enough for me to write it here so I will have record of it. When i was little, like 5 or so, I would tell anyone who asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, that I wanted to be a squirrel. And I said this very matter of factly because very matter of factly, that's what I wanted to be. And of course, people would giggle, smirk, smile and say "well isn't that cute..." and I would go on planning to be a squirrel. 

Of course this is a family Bennett knows all about it too.

Anyway, when I was out with Ellie on Friday, Bennett asked Davis what he wanted to be for Halloween, expecting something like "A ninja..." or "A roboknight (whatever that is)..." but instead, he looked at him and said "I think I want to be a squirrel. They're so fast and sneaky."

WHAT THE HECK? Of all the costumes, of all the animals, of all the possibilities...he chooses a squirrel. These things are so weird to me. Anyway, I love that.

The tree across the street is just amazing. It's like it's on fire. Anyway, that's all I have today. But be sure to pop on over to the "My Favorite Things" tab- I posted some new things for fall.