It's great to have teachers that get that first day money shot for you. 

IMG_3400 copy.jpg

This was from Davis' first and ONLY day of Pre-K last week. He came home with a fever on Tuesday and really still doesn't feel well today. His fever is gone, but the poor guy has literally laid in bed, sleeping and watching movies, all day...and most of this week.  

We took him to Urgent Care this morning, they tested him for strep, looked at his ears and throat, and said it was "just viral". I am praying that he is ready for school tomorrow- mainly because I want him to feel better, but also because Bennett and I need to get back to work, AND we need to get back into a good routine. 

We missed Davis' first gymnastics class yesterday and we also missed church. We haven't even gone here yet. I feel like every time we plan to go, something comes up.  

I DID make it to the Pedal Pub tomorrow and ended up having a great time. I'll post those pics tomorrow. For now, just wanted to say hello.  

Oh, and we were finally paid by the renters. Not without a bajillion emails, texts, un-returned phone calls, two visits from our property manager, and finally...a visit from the cops. Some people. 

I'm exhausted.