A lot has happened in the past week. For the most part, it's been a really great week. Carrie was here and we had so much fun- mainly just talking and filling each other in on everything and everyone since we had last talked. We're both bad at phone correspondence, so there was a lot to cover. We went shopping, I showed her around our neighborhood, and we tried a bunch of fun new restaurants. I was sad when she left- both because it was so great to see her- and because it was so great to feel 100% like me.  

While she was here, we got news that Stevie, my friend from college who has been fighting brain cancer, had only hours left. And my heart hurt in a way that felt so incredibly real, and yet, I knew it felt nothing as painful or lasting as her family's heartache. And then less than 12 hours later, she was gone. And it was an interesting thing, to both know without a doubt that she is smiling and laughing in heaven, and to think of the ongoing pain that will continue to sting for her family, her friends, her husband, her two year old son. Her service is Tuesday- and her sister posted today that Stevie asked it to be a celebration of color. No black. And that is exactly her- and to be honest- her service would be an amazing thing to be a part of. It's rare to know someone who has impacted the lives of so many- in such a short time. 

In reading the comments on her blog, people came out of the woodwork to say what she meant to them. Old friends, clients that worked with her and her husband in their fitness program, grown men whom she met in the waiting room at the hospitals...all saying how much she impacted their lives. Pretty amazing in just 30 years.

We also went to Duluth this past weekend and had a great time staying on Lake Superior. I have some pretty great pictures I'll post tomorrow.  

Today, to be honest with you, I feel really sad. And I just want to go home.