The Great Get Together.

That's what they call the Minnesota Fair. And it is a BIG. DEAL. here. People are so proud of the fair, and they tell me all about it, and then inevitably they go "It's 2nd only to...oh, Texas. So never mind, you know what it's like..." and then they look so disappointed. Like they are sad that I won't appreciate their fair. But I do. I totally appreciate the fair because we don't really go to the Texas State Fair. And because they have CHEESE CURDS here! 

Sounds gross, right? But they are amazing. And certainly should only be consumed one time a year, at the fair. We went this morning and had so much fun. It was not so packed yet, and there was a nice breeze, and no lines for rides. Davis tried 3-4 rides, and I took Holden on the Ferris Wheel. They both thought it was great. And they really enjoyed getting to eat cotton candy and french fries for lunch.  


It was a really fun morning, followed by great naps, all around. Then tonight we grilled out and had burgers, tomatoes and sweet corn on the cob. SO GOOD, that corn.  Our neighbor, Abby, came by and invited us over for a little party at their house. Since it's my mom's last night, we already had plans, but Davis and I walked over to say hello and they were all so nice. Abby told me about their church and their business...they have a grass-fed, locally grown beef distribution business. I also met the twins, Javela and Sage. Such cute little ones, and only one month older than that will be fun.

Anyway, it was a fun day, and I am BEAT. 

Sad my mom is leaving tomorrow, but looking forward to sunday night yoga (I'm bringing Bennett) and a busy week. Also, I'm excited that we just booked tickets for a little trip to Texas in October. Yahoo. AND, I just signed Davis up for gymnastics, starting the Saturday after labor day. I made sure to ask if I would get a refund if he wasn't into it (its a little more pricey than the Y t-ball program) and they said I would...but I actually feel pretty confident that he will get into it. Trampolines, foam pits, bouncy floors, what's not to love? Can't wait until it starts.