Highlight Reel.

So day one is under my belt and I feel good about my decision to work there. Hopefully I will continue to feel that way as I get into the work. I will keep you posted. It snowed today- like big cotton balls of snow- and it was very fun to watch from my office window. It's a full wall of windows- so it felt like I was out in it- but not wet or cold. 

Aside from work, I feel that I have so many fun stories to tell from the Thanksgiving break. I'll just hit the highlights for now, and post pictures this week. First things first- we stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY Thursday. I don't even know if anyone brushed their teeth. We started by watching the parade, drinking mimosas and eating pigs in a blanket. That seriously was the BEST. I love watching the parade and seeing Davis and Holden get excited when "Hello Kitty" or "Spiderman" floated by was awesome. And seriously- I don't know what beats pigs n blankets and mimosas for a breakfast menu?

Bennett cooked a feast. Smoked a stuffed turkey, made mashed potatoes from scratch, as well as individual pumpkin pie crumbles in cute little ramekins. It was so good, and we had so much fun just playing and being lazy.

Other highlights include: Black Friday shopping with Sarah. We had lunch and then we walked around the Galleria, which is different than Texas gallerias. This one is high end- which is similar- but it's more like an inward facing strip mall. That sounds lame- anything with "Strip mall" does- but it was my first time and SOOO fun. There were two kids stores there that I just couldn't get over...such interesting and unique stuff.

Picking out our Christmas tree! It was cold and cozy and felt just like picking out a christmas tree should. Davis had a strong opinion about which one we should pick...about the one I wanted, he said "I don't feel good about that one, mommy." 

Running errands with Holden while Bennett hung outdoor christmas lights and Davis played next door with our neighbor, Jackson. Holden got her haircut and then we went to Target and Trader Joe's. I love spending time with her. All the way through her haircut, she would pause, look at me and say "wobbypop?" Because she knew she would get a lollipop if she sat so still. 

Oh, then Saturday, Molly texted me before gymnastics and asked if we wanted to go for brunch with them after- so we did that- and it was really fun. 

And then, there was Saturday night. Karaoke. And let's just say I lost my voice and my dignity over a few drinks at the most amazing karaoke bar ever. And by amazing, I mean, wood paneled walls, total locals singing the most unreal songs (like sad ones or very difficult Whitney Houston ones- quite seriously). We went with Regina, Anne Marie, Jenny and a bunch of their friends. Nobody told me that Jenny can wail. First things first: She sang Janis Joplin's Bobby McGee. Second of all: She brought the house down. Who can sing that??? It was awesome. We had so much fun and we're getting together for drinks again Thursday night and planning a girls sleepover soon. So glad I met them.

Yesterday was spent praying to the porcelain God...okay, not really, but we felt horrible. And that's about it. It was such a nice break. I think we did two things well- we balanced relaxing and not worrying about much, while also planning at least one activity a day. I think that is key- especially with Davis. 

Oh, and I forgot the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which was SO nice too. Bennett and I went for lunch at Stella's Fish Cafe, we walked around Uptown and got all cranked up on coffee after getting many a demo at this cute little kitchen shop...and then we went to see The Dallas Buyer's Club. Not my favorite movie- but oh. my. gosh. the acting was AMAZING. Blew my mind.

Okay, so that's all I have for now. I can't be staying up all late now that I am a working woman. And yes, Katie Brewerton, if you are reading this: I was totally "playing work" most of the day today. Ha.