Rapid Fire

Today was a good day because:
We got up early and practiced our new morning routine.
I got a lot done- found my passport, passed my MN drivers test, took a great nap.
We all had a great time after work- everyone was in a great mood and we had a fun dance party in the basement.

I am surprising Ahmad and flying in for his graduation in a few weeks. He is the first person in his family to graduate, he has worked his way through school without any type of support, and while I was there, I always said that we (Stacey and I- my workout partner) would want to throw a party or make a big deal about his graduation when it happened. He doesn't know it, but I am going to show up for the graduation and the after party. I love surprises and I've never done one like this before! He is my brother from another mother, so I'm so excited to be there for him for this.

Movies I want to see:
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle

New Year's Resolutions I've already come up with:
Taking more pictures with my camera vs. my phone
Be better talking with people on the phone

Items on my Christmas List:
The new iphone
Printed/framed pictures from our last Sweet Louise session

Funny Things I've Imagined lately:
Today while waiting for many hours at the DMV, it was so quiet and I was people watching and just seeing how bored and quiet everyone was there. And I kept imagining funny scenarios I could create, like what if when they finally called my number, I stood up and shouted and acted like I won something or even just simply shrieked "YEEEESSSSS! IT'S FINALLY MY TURN!" I know- it's not really that funny- but in my mind...after sitting there for hours without wireless...it really cracked me up.

Things I'm excited about:
Karaoke this weekend with the Finkelsteins. Finally scored a sitter. Cannot wait. About to show them how Texas does karaoke.
Canning some things- we made a list of things we're going to make and give to friends here. Namely, salsa. We are using Davis' uncle's recipe and it is amazing.

Interesting things I've heard or thought about lately:
One of my friends at bible study last week mentioned a Ted Talk she watched by this woman who talked about vulnerability...and how society believes that the toughest people (namely women) are those that act as though they are made of metal. Nothing phases them, nothing slows them down, they almost don't have feelings...but this woman presented the idea that actually the strongest people are those that are open with their insecurities, their vulnerabilities, and they have nothing to hide. I think that is so brilliant. And true. And I guess I've always thought that, but haven't really articulated it that way before...

Silly things Holden has said recently:
Yesterday, out of the blue, Holden looked at me, grinned and said "Shake ya bootie..." and then she wiggled her bum. Ha.

That's all I got! TTYL (Talk to you later)...