Get Out!

Sometimes that's what you need to do when you're a bit down and out. Today was so much better than yesterday...certainly in part due to the sweet and encouraging email my grandfather sent me, as well as the fact that I just decided to get out and explore today. I left after a long work call and told myself that I would not return home until my last work thing at 4:00.

First I drove all over town to find the DMV and take my drivers test...only to find out that I need a 2nd form of ID. I guess I could have looked that up online before going, but the more I read about boring things like getting your new license, the less inclined I am to I just went. And then of course, I left five minutes later. At least now I know where it is...and I just have to locate my passport.

So then, because I passed Lake Street, I thought I would seek out this store known for super great design, also on Lake Street, called Modern Forage Workshop. And I am SO GLAD I did. It was so a real inspiration. Here are some pictures...


Oh wait, first I passed by this cute little coffee shop/bar called Parka. Classic.


Great couch, number 1. Love the shape and the menswear fabric.


Couch, number 2. Very mod, great blue color, but maybe not the most comfortable thing ever. Not to say it's uncomfortable...but I don't think it's at the top of the comfort spectrum.


The CHAIR IS TO DIE FOR, right? But actually I'm in the market for a


And in the moment of taking this picture, I was certain I would try to make something like this for Christmas gifts. And maybe I still will. So if you receive one, forget this post.


Sooo many good things! And Pendleton bedding and throws, and those tree pillows are amazing. It was quite fun and then as I drove away, it started to snow. It was very exciting! But I still couldn't go home, so I popped by Trader Joe's to pick up some two buck Chuck (cheap, good wine) and some holiday twigs and berries...


So today was a better day. Thank goodness. Tomorrow we're going bowling with Krissy and her fam and I hope Davis is a good sport...or it could go sour pretty quickly. Also, I need to document the fact that the other day, Davis asked me if he could have a tattoo...and I said no...and then he said "but when I get bigger?" and I said "Sure, we can talk about it when you're 18..." To which he said "When is that?" And I said "It's not for a while...when you get bigger...and then he said "BUT I'M FOUR..."

It was a very sincere plea. And I almost caved and let him get a "MOM" tattoo right then and there. He is FOUR, after all. He lived through three. I let him live beyond three, I should say. ;-)

Anyway, then Saturday Bennett is going to the Gophers/Badgers showdown (the high is 18 that day- eek!) and I am hanging with the beans, and Sarah, little Bennett and Brooks. Hopefully a good weekend. :-) Hope you have a good weekend too!