The Story of Her Smile...

Stevie's sister, Tyler, made a beautiful video for her service yesterday. I may have mentioned it already, but you could simply have a passing interaction with Stevie, and/but somehow you would certainly remember her smile. Even after she knocked her two front teeth out on a crazy waterslide adventure/freak accident in Azerbaijan in college.

People smile all the time, but when you see a smile that exudes JOY, not mere happiness, you don't forget it.  It's infectious.

I can't stop thinking about Stevie and her family. And their faith. Oh to have faith that passes all understanding...who or what can be against you when you believe in your heart that God knows all that is happening, He is in control, and He will make it all okay. That is the kind of faith I want to have. That is the kind of faith I want to instill in my family.

Thank you, Stevie, for your example.