I have written the same really funny blog post twice, and I keep accidentally deleting it. However, as the story is also pretty embarrassing, I am now convinced that the accidental deletion is a sign. So instead you get a boring post...but with some lovely pictures.

Oh, and I meant to comment...on comments. I love getting them- so thank you when you take the time to comment. Not that I am asking for comments, I'm not...but I think I might come across as a bit hard core about feedback on my "drop me a line" page- so thought I would mention. 

Also, I haven't forgotten about doing the THREE THINGS post. Look for it tomorrow or Friday. 

Back to the point, I ran Lake Harriet again today, and it was so nice. The breeze was brisk, the leaves are turning colors, and there were so many people out walking. I noticed a few ladies walking with poles today, as though they are gearing up for cross country skiing. Every once in a while, as I ran close by the water, I would get a whiff of the lake and even the fish therein and it would remind me of all our lake trips with my grandparents. So many good memories. 

Also posting a picture of the beans playroom after re-arranging it. It's pretty amazing to have a playroom with all window walls and a view of Lake Nancy. These kids are living the charmed life. 

More tomorrow!