What I Love Wednesday

1) That I have a happy hour date with Regina today. She is a realtor, and also, the sister of the CEO and owner of Great Clips, and is about, I don't know, 65-70 years old? She is a total stitch. Super direct and just 100% midwestern and I loved hanging out with her when we were looking for places to live. Honestly, Bennett's boss kept checking in on us (mainly me- ha) that weekend in March when we were here looking and deciding...and I told Bennett to tell him that Regina is the one that sold me.

2) That we are going to a BBQ with a few couples at Krissy's house this weekend and that I was also invited to a trunk show party with a bunch of girls in a few weeks. I told Bennett "Well hell. I'm just going to have to buy whatever I like. I will pay my way into these friendships." HA.

3) The weather here. It's beautiful. It feels like fall feels in Texas- you know- November/December weather? There is a breeze in the air and everything is alive.

4) Davis and Holden's school. Seriously- I feel so good taking them there every day. Such a blessing.

5) That I am going to Austin on Sunday for work next week. My clients will be in all week so we'll do dinner one night, but other than that, I'm going to stay with Nikki, Courtney and Carrie, and I'm super excited.

6) Learning about people. Last night our landlord came over to fix a few things around the house. He is about our age and he is so interesting. He owns about 7 houses, runs a 100+ person operations team at a major company in town, is a property manager for a bunch of properties in Minnesota AND Iowa, AND he is working on his MBA. I had like one million questions I wanted to ask. At one point, I looked at Bennett and said "Do you realize how hard this is for me? I know I have to stop, but I have like 20 more questions I feel I need to ask..." He goes "I know, Sam."

7) That for some reason, even though I forwarded my mail, a bunch of it just keeps getting sent to Jan. She is sooooo annoyed, and I sort of love it. I think I'll let it ride another week or two.

8) Caribou Coffee. It's the local coffee shop around the midwest. I know, I know. I was supposed to get a coffee machine, but I have purchase anxiety. There are so many out there and I don't know which one to get and I would hate to buy one and then just keep going to Caribou. Also, I sort of love going to Caribou. To see people, to answer the daily trivia question, to enjoy the coffee.

9) That my sister told me about a dream she had after watching a Pedro Almodovar movie that totally freaked her out. It included Davis being an inanimate little plastic sailor man from Maine...and Holden was a piece of oatmeal. And she was dead serious and quite concerned because she said I had Holden swirled in with all the other oatmeal. HA! I think her dinner was laced with crack.

10) That Kirsten and I talked yesterday and laughed our brains out about Davis' poopisode at the airport and how Andy accidentally peed on a 6 week old the other day at the pool...and mostly that we are planning a BALLS OUT road trip following her nursing school graduation in August 2014. I seriously CANNOT WAIT.

Happy Wednesday!