I spoke with the director at the kids' school yesterday and she let me know that Davis' shift into Pre-K will begin on September 3rd. And that once the kids are in Pre-K, they wear uniforms. WHAT? I don't know why this is such a big deal to me, but it feels really weird. The shopper in me got really excited and went right ahead and ordered a slew of uniform choices, but the mom in me, felt really sad that Davis is a big enough kid to be wearing UNIFORMS.

I just didn't really picture him wearing uniforms, ever, let alone when he is four. But I am excited that he is moving into Pre-K. I think it will be good for him because it's even more structured and focused on learning and he has already shown so much growth since being at this new school, I can only imagine he will have even more progress in this next setting.

Thank goodness I asked if I could order regular pants from like Gap or Old Navy because NERD ALERT- the uniform pants are super dorky with an elastic waist band and no pockets. So anyway, I ordered a bunch of navy and khaki rip-stop cargo pants for him, a few pairs of navy and khaki shorts, and then several of the polo shirts from the uniform choices. How much is Davis going to hate wearing a BUTTON SHIRT every day to school?

I will say this- this school is breaking him of his bad eating habits. Yesterday he said he ate a whole burger for lunch. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal- but a month ago- he never would have tried it. And now that his only pants options are navy, khaki and denim, he will have to wear jeans instead of track pants and polos instead of t's. YES!

So since he will be so preppy during the week, I guess I will indulge him and let him wear track pants over the weekend. I said I would never buy another pair of them, but in this instance, I think I will.

A few other things that I want to remember, no rhyme or reason:
Davis calls fire alarms "fire walarms" and he thinks fire comes out of them. It's about the only thing he's ever been the slightest bit afraid of.

Davis is constantly talking about how big he is getting and the other night as we were lying in bed, about to go to sleep he said, very sincerely "Mom. I'm gonna ask you something. When I get bigger, can I ride a motorcycle? By myself? Because there is one seat...for one boy."

He also says "omy" instead of "only"

He has started to apologize a lot- without prompting. It's awesome. He's growing up and sensing other people's feelings naturally, vs. by force.

He also looks at Holden a lot and will say things like "Holden looks so pretty..." and he is so protective of her. Last night we found a dead mouse in the yard and we put a bucket over it. The second Holden would even walk that direction, he would panic and say "Can you please go get my baby sister???"

Holden has gone from calling milk "mulk" to now calling it "mup" - it's amazing. I now refer to it as mup.

Holden says "yeah" a lot as a response. It's pretty cute coming from her.

She LOVES to read and will hand you book after book until you tell her you have to take a break for a minute.

She still loves to wear Davis' costumes. I think I need to get some more costumes for these kids- they love to pretend, which I also love.

She has been DROOLING like a faucet with her teeth coming in- I had to change her shirt three times yesterday.

That's all I got for now!