Hello Again...

I flew back to Austin today for a few days of meetings with clients this week...

It felt both typical and boring to be driving around town and also weird. The jury is still out on whether it is a good idea to be back so soon, but I am excited to have a few evenings with friends nonetheless. My first stop was Nikki's. Well honestly, my first stop was Sonic...to get a diet coke with a splash of vanilla. It didn't disappoint.

I started to tear up on my way to Nikki's- I guess just because I was excited to see her, because I didn't really feel sad. Just overwhelmed with a feeling, I suppose. We talked and caught up with Tony and then headed to Uchi for dinner. So good and of course, so much fun to talk the whole way through.

Here is what is not fun...and this is gross but I have about 20 raised sores on my tongue right now. And they are tiny, but they hurt like you cannot even believe. I don't know if it's secret stress or the Palomas we drank at Krissy and Patrick's house Saturday night. Or both. (Secret stress: stress that hasn't surfaced yet, or that you are unable to reasonably articulate or define from whence it came...)

We had so much fun this weekend- I'll recap that later, but just thought I would say hello- since I haven't posted since Wednesday. This will be a quick and busy week, but I will try to keep you up to date.

Things to note: it's hot as all get out here. Really. And my Chevy Cruze rental has black leather seats. Get serious. Also, I have mixed feelings about being back in the office tomorrow. Again, excited to see friends, but feeling the need to move on.

And I am having breakfast with Ahmad and Stacey this week and I cannot wait because Ahmad has a story for us that he has been waiting to tell in person. DYING to know what it is.

Also, my left gland is sore to the touch...the one by my tonsil.
What the heck? I'm falling apart.