Grin and Bear It

Pictures from the weekend...

So Davis' favorite thing about the zoo was the splash pad. We didn't know there would be a splash pad, so he had to strip down and go in his new superhero skivvies...which was absolutely no problem for Davis. If he could wear just his underpants all the time- he would. Especially since I got him a pack of Marvel superheroes undies last week at Target.

I love the joy on his face in this picture. I feel like pictures like this capture the BEST of childhood.

Holden was not as bold.
Keep in mind it was probably 75 degrees outside.

My favorite thing at the zoo was this crazy bear that basically just swam right up to the window and put on a show. I am such a dork at the zoo- I cannot get over things like this. It was amazing.

Holden Eloise liked the bear, but LOVED watching the penguins dive into the water and swim around right in front of her.

Everyone was tired after our trip to the Minnesota zoo. Her hair is getting so reddish. It's so cute.

And also 75% of the time, her hair is sort of a shaggy mess and she looks like a hobo. But, we're growing it out so we can do a cute lob (long bob) AND she won't wear any clips. Separately, girlfriend is a total swinger. She loves it.

This is a picture of Saturday night at Krissy and Patrick's. So awesome to play in such a green backyard in 75 degree weather. Summer here is amazing.

Okay, back to work! Last night, Carrie and I dined at one of our favorite spots in Austin, Pluckers. Don't judge. It takes a real woman to conduct a business meeting at a wing spot. Amazing people watching on a Monday night at Pluckers- those people are the regulars. So much fun to spend time with Carrie and Zach, and hug Porter and Mary Mae. Ugh, I wish I could take them back in my suitcase. But Carrie and I are off and running with our project and will probably have a reveal in a few months.

Oh, and it's important to mention that we totally stalked Jan last night. And she drives a YELLOW Ford Escape, which I think says a lot. Also, she has lots of what Carrie refers to as "jick jack" visible across the top of the windows. Pillows, teddy bears, oh my.