Date Night in Minne

This has been a very much-needed, FUN, weekend. Last week was a little rough for me, just sort of bored and homesick, and I feel so much better after our fun-filled weekend. I got back from Atlanta on Friday afternoon, took care of a few things at home, and then picked the kids up early from school.

Next we went over to Nate and Sarah's house for dinner- Nate is on Davis' team and they have been good pals since Nate joined the team about a year ago. Anyway, the most interesting thing is that they have two kids, Brooks and Bennett, and Brooks is Davis' age, while Bennett is Holden's age...and they go to the same school. So when I told Davis at pick up that we were going to his friend Brooks' house, he looked at me with a huge smile and said "it's like a play date!!"

I didn't know how fun it would be, but we had the best time. We talked and laughed and Brooks and Davis played together until about 10. It was really nice. I left feeling super optimistic.

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast and then came home and did things around the house. After Holden napped, we all got dressed to go to the water park because it was finally sunny and HOT. We were all in our swimsuits, horsing around on our bed, when Davis bounced off the side and smacked his head into the corner of our glass side table. I panicked immediately. I knew it wasn't good. He was screaming and I reached for his head and my hand was covered in blood. I am NOT good in an emergency. I either freeze or panic...which is one reason why I'm glad I'm married to cool-as-a-cucumber, Bennett.

We jumped in the car and went to the urgent clinic. The cut wasn't huge, but we didn't want to dig in and see how deep it was. The bleeding wasn't significant, but there was blood. The whole way there, Davis kept saying "I don't want to go to the doctor. I want to go to the WATER PARK..." so we sort of knew he was somewhat okay.

Anyway- long story short- the doctor took one look and said he was totally fine. No worries. So yeah, that wasn't fun, but it ended up not being a major deal. THANK GOODNESS.

Last night, we went out for a date at a restaurant that Krissy recommended to me, Cafe Lurcat. It was so cute and we had the best time. We had raw oysters and an apple salad for appetizers, I had ahi tuna for dinner, Bennett had their raved about Chilean sea bass and he said it was hands-down the best fish he had ever put in his mouth. We had asparagus and Minnesota sweet corn for sides. The corn was definitely worth writing home about. So good.

And then for dinner we shared these little mini sugar/cinnamon donuts. We took half of them home for Holden and Davis and they were very pleased to have them for breakfast this morning.

It was just really nice to have a night out together, and to see a new part of the city, and enjoy a great restaurant.

The restaurant was in a very unexpected area- at least for me. We walked down this little alley lined with great old stone buildings and it was at the very end, on the corner, next to a gorgeous green park.

On the way there, we noticed this sign "Dance Here" and we peeked our heads in to see what was up. It's a dance studio. Tango lessons are on Friday nights. If tennis doesn't work out- this could be our new hobby. HOT TAMALE!

And I just want to take pictures of flowers everywhere I go. The colors are so beautiful- they don't even seem real...but they are. I love the purples and the bright green.

And then today we went to the Uptown Art Fair. But I'll share more on that tomorrow. Hope you had a great weekend too.