What I Love Wednesday

Working from Home...for now anyway. Enjoying the flexibility and the ability to catch up on Bravo while I work. It also feels good to have work to do and zero commute. I have a few trips coming up- some to Atlanta and possibly some to AUSTIN! So fun...

The Edina YMCA...they have such a nice, huge facility, tons of classes and so many programs for kids. We signed Davis up for T-Ball which will start next Thursday. I went to Zumba last night and learned some very sassy new moves. Observation: people in Minnesota don't exactly have the latin flair (flare?) like the ladies in Texas. I am also thinking of joining this race workout group (see pic below- I snapped it for the phone number) - really just to meet people. I'm totally that creepy person at the Y scoping for new friends.

My beautiful hydrangeas growing out front...they've gone from light green to white as they bloom.

That Honey will be here on Sunday...we seriously cannot wait and I am busying myself doing things to get ready for her visit.

Davis' new school...this is a picture they sent me yesterday. He has been so happy every day when I pick him up, and he talks about all sorts of fun things they are doing. Right now they are learning about kings and queens, castles, dragons and moats. Today he had a tough time at drop-off. I think it was novelty the first two days and now it's real adjustment time. He did great again last night at bedtime- we are going to try Snuffy's again today because it was CLOSED for maintenance yesterday. What a buzz kill.

The weather...it's a beautiful 85 degrees here most days. Admittedly, it can be humid, but there is usually a nice breeze. I think tonight I'll make it a point to have a glass of wine outside on the back porch.

My successful dinner last night...I guess people really DO make things they pin.  It was quite a hit, so I'll probably do this more often. And it was the FIRST thing that Bennett has liked from the crock pot. He thinks everything made in the crock pot is bland. I am slowly proving him wrong. Good thing because crock pot cooking is about all I have time for.

Okay, that's all I have for now.
Happy Wednesday (I never say "hump day"- I think it's the worst).

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