Three Strikes, You're Out

And I'm not talking about t-ball here, folks. We have all but decided that it will be better for the Bennett 4 if we don't EVER go back to t-ball. I'm talking about some new rules at our house. We have talked a lot about it lately and have realized that Davis is tough because he's not really afraid of anything. Yelling doesn't work (nor is it pleasant or a good habit), we don't spank, taking toys away is not a big deal to him, and threats are also not the best practice, nor does he seem to be bothered by them at all.

The one thing that really gets his goat is when he can't play with us. So, Friday, for example, he was just being such a pill so Bennett removed him from the playroom and he cried and screamed while watching through the windowed doors while the three of us played without him. So our new thing is "3 strikes, you're out..." three incidents, in a short period of time, and he's simply removed from the situation. It. Kills. Him. VICTORY.

Also, 3 strikes you're well, IN, at bedtime. Meaning, if he gets out of bed three times- his door is locked. We had this problem of constantly wanting to give him another chance- and he could read that- so we're trying to be super tough and stick to the three chances. He totally gets it. In fact, just five minutes ago he came out of his room and I said "Davis- I'm going to lock your door..." and he said "No, that's just strike one, mom." :-/

So that's that, and/but we had a great weekend even though it sounds like Guantanamo around here. Saturday was rainy so we went out for brunch and then played at the house. Saturday night I took Davis to see Turbo- which is really cute- and then today we decided to take a day trip to Hudson, Wisconsin. That's right- we're cheeseheads now. It's official. Also, we are going to make a Minnesota bucket list and try to accomplish all of it before we head back to the ATX.

Anyway, it was gorgeous and lovely outside and we just played at the park by the St. Croix river, which I constantly referred to as the "Hudson River" all day like a total geographic know-it-all...and then we came home and played Fireman Sam. I basically had to sing the theme song over and over for a good 45 minutes, with the only breaks being used to shout "FIREMAN SAM! THERE'S a FIRE IN THE KITCHEN!!!"

Davis is in Dallas tonight through Tuesday- and he gets to see B since they're going to the same conference. I'm excited for him. He just called me and said "Oh man, it feels good to be back. And I don't even like Dallas." :-)

Anyway, here are some stills from the weekend. Stills...doesn't that make me sound so sophisticated?

Probably because Davis and I have been speaking to each other for the last hour (outside of playing Fireman Sam) with amazing british accents...all while wearing his dad's giant sombrero.

Play date at the indoor playground. Three stories tall and sort of like a crazy jungle/tree maze.

umm. i'm not really sure about climbing in there with you.

really, i won't do anything that warrants a strike. i promise.

i love this photo. it says just about everything about her. a little bit pink striped pajamas pants, a little bit home depot apron, and a lot spiderman. 

surveying all she will conquer...

the hudson st. croix river. and holden.

 the world is your oyster, little one. jump in.