T-Ball, Junk Shops, and Blind Dates

Davis had his first t-ball game this Thursday. I was so excited to see him interact with a coach and team and I thought he would get really into it, considering he had a new "uniform" (YMCA shirt) and baseball glove. Honey, Holden, Davis and I headed to the fields and introduced him to his coach and some of his teammates. About five minutes later he walked over and said "I just want to stay by you, mom."

After some encouragement, and one glance at all the helmets, he popped a helmet on his head and was out on the field. For a moment anyway. The kids began to warm up and of course it was chaos- a team of three year olds- but for the most part, when Coach Paul said "run to the base" the kids ran to the base. Not Davis...he went and introduced himself to different people, he went and tried out all the bats, he came over and said "hi" to Honey and I about 5 times. He just wasn't into it. It was funny watching him because it's not like he was defiant, but he just didn't feel interested in what was going on, so he did his own thing. When I told Bennett this, he immediately said "Oh. Hmmm. I wonder who he got that from." Okay fine- that is so me. I hate spending time doing boring things.

And I think we picked the wrong sport- I don't blame him. You have to wait about 20 minutes to get your turn at bat- boring. Then when you're done batting just one time- you have to go stand in the field and wait for the ball- which by the way is never going to get that far because the players are as big as the bats- boring boring boring. I think we should have signed him up for a faster paced sport. We'll see how it goes this week.

Friday, my mom and I had the best day...we went to this cute little street and looked at several antique and junk shops. There was one called Hunt & Gather that we could have spent all day in. Then we had lunch at a cute little deli called Broder's where we had a great salad and Margherita pizza. I've been pretty homesick this past week, but I have to give this city some credit...lots of great things to do and see.

How cute is that chair?
It is so much happier in it's new space...at my house!

Speaking of homesick, Friday night both Bennett and I were both so down and out and wishing we were back in Austin, so we just went and had a beer at a little tavern down the street.

Then Saturday night, we went on our first blind double date.
Yes, seriously.

We went to this cute little restaurant, Cafe Maude, to meet up with Krissy and Patrick, this couple that one of my clients introduced me to. They live in Edina too, and have a little boy who is 4 and a little girl who is 18 months. Coincidence? Bennett and I joked the whole way there about code words and things we were going to do if it was completely awkward. But listen, it was actually really fun. We sat there from 7 to 11, just drinking wine, laughing and talking.

I know- can you believe it? Like we were ourselves, and they laughed a lot and they were fun too. They even invited us over for drinks after, but I wanted to end on a high and not overdo it, so we went home instead. We left sort of giddy...Bennett and I were both just so excited that we might have friends. It gave me such hope. They already invited us over again- so I think our efforts to be witty and charming were successful. Ha.

Though I did say something at one point that I was like "Oh. Oops. Maybe I should have waited on that one..." something about how I went to get a pedicure the other day and the massage was so hard core I didn't know if I was going to cry or have an orgasm. Yep, oops. Maybe I should have waited. Oh well. Just gotta be yourself.

Honey left this morning- such a bummer- but we had a great time together and she'll be back soon. Davis kept saying "You need to get your own Minneapolis" to her- which we thought was funny. He also said this in the car yesterday on the way to Minnehaha Falls...

While looking at his dirty feet: "I'm dirty. Big Davis and I are both dirty. We are sorta dirty. But Honey and Holden, they are...they are precious." I've never even heard him say "precious" before, so it was so funny and so sweet.

He has also taken to calling his dad "Big Davis" which is really funny to hear. The other day I said something about Davis taking a nap and he goes "Wait- big Davis or little Davis?"

Oh also, 100 Days of Health update: I've lost about 4-5 pounds since being here and I'm enjoying working out at the Y every day. I love the YMCA. I love how many kids events and sports teams there are. I love the classes for me, and I love that there are a lot of older people working out there- just kicking ass and taking names.

More tomorrow!