Sweet Holden Eloise

was home with a low grade fever today...it was nice to spend time alone with her. she is so sweet when she is sick, she really tries to smile and be happy, no matter how horrible she feels.

Now davis, he is a bit different when he is sick. he really just needs everyone to understand exactly how horrible he feels...all. day. long. he reminds me of me in that sense. ha.

Speaking of davis, we had so much fun tonight. we played catch, we ate some pizza, we cleaned off the back porch and then we had fun talking about Qubert, for about an hour. Who is Qubert? A fly that was flying around while Davis was in the bath. I started saying things like "I think that fly is just waiting for you to get out of the bath so he can take one..." Davis was so intrigued, so of course I created a whole life for Qubert and the night ended with us laying out pajamas for him (Q) to borrow, and talking through what we would serve him for breakfast. Pizza, of course.

Not much to say today other than that- it was kind of boring...just called in sick to work, ran some errands, took a nap, and then went to the YMCA.

back in the saddle tomorrow, i hope.
peace out.