Okay, I'm over it.

Yesterday, I just had this constant feeling of "Okay, I'm over this. I'm ready to go home..." It's the worst feeling and I'm not sure what triggered it but I know my mom could tell because she asked if she was bothering me. And oh my gosh- I would be so sad this week while Bennett is in Boston if she wasn't here- it has nothing to do with her- but more like "Okay, I miss my home, I miss my friends, I miss my routine, I miss knowing where to go to get and do certain things...I'm ready for vacation to be over.

Only it's not vacation.

I am just trying to keep busy and focus on the positive. It just seems long and unending- especially until I get into a work scenario and I am around people more. I think we're probably getting stood up by that couple we were going to go to dinner with this weekend. I don't blame her- I mean, we're total strangers and they probably have a bazillion fun friends. She was going to email me to let me know whether Friday or Saturday was better. And it's Wednesday. But who knows...maybe I'm wrong.

Today in the shower, I said to God "Okay God, I need something interesting to happen today..." and then I got all excited thinking "Great- something will happen. I just told my old pal God." And then I had this abrupt realization..."You don't get to tell God what you think you need Sam...He gets to tell you." Hmmph. And this made me realize that I have to be faithful and patient and it also made me think "Good Lord (no pun) what if he thinks I don't need something interesting and momentous to happen? I'll just die of boredom..."

I literally am on the verge of creating an imaginary friend.
How sad is that?

Anyway. Enough hum glum. Today we are taking Honey to Snuffy's because Davis thinks that is just the best place to go...and tomorrow it's Davis' first t-ball game. I am so excited about that. Can't wait to see him in his little uniform- he is on team two- the Seals team. Tonight I'm going to show him videos of kids playing t-ball so he has some sort of idea.

Nikki sent Davis the cutest series of pictures talking about how BIG everything is in Argentina. I showed him last night and he loved it. Couldn't even believe some of the pictures and thought it was hysterical how big the ice cream cone Tony was eating was. There is one special picture of Nikki where she just looks SOOO pretty. I had been thinking it to myself...and all of the sudden Davis said shyly: "Nikki is pretty to me." He adores her.

Here are some of the pictures she sent over.

"Palm branches are big in Argentina"
(this is the one we both think she looks so pretty in)

"Cacti are so big in Argentina"

"Even ice cream is so big in Argentina"
And then the end said something like "But the love I have for the beans is the biggest thing in Argentina" He loved it. Send more pictures of you Nikki- and where you are.

Happy Wednesday.