Interesting Things About Minne

I've recognized some interesting things around these parts. At least they are interesting to me...and some of them are simply curious because my expectations were different, while others, I believe are just interesting in their own right.

Minnesota is surprisingly progressive. Or at least Minneapolis is...for example:

First: It's an incredibly liberal city- it is in the top three cities for GLBT- and it's largely democratic. The people here are appalled about how Texas is handling the abortion bill. Seriously- the other day a girl came to our door to get a signature in support of pro choice and one of her comments was that without support from the people- we could "end up like Texas."

Secondly: It's incredibly progressive when it comes to innovation and technology. In fact, I think this city is ahead of Austin- which is saying a lot since Austin is supposed to be so tech-centric. Not only is education amazing here, but they offer free public online school programs for any and all kids grades K-12. That's pretty incredible.

And at the airport, there are whole lounges, cafes and bars that have an iPad at every table- for your use. Also at the airport- you can choose whether to get a paper card showing where you parked, and then pay the clerk like normal, OR you can submit your card upfront, and then just submit it again at the end electronically- for a $2 per hour discount.

Thirdly: There are so many cool vintage shops, mom and pop businesses, and amazing boutiques and restaurants. It's a very forward thinking city with great design and style. And I know that anyone that follows design knows that already, but I am still surprised.

Fourth: It's a big city, with many types of people and influences. I know this makes me sound like a sheltered white girl, but it is different to me, how when we go to parks or public places, there are occasionally kids with their hair wrapped up in turbans and lately I've seen some hacidic jewish kids, with the curls and everything. You think Austin is a big city with lots of influences, but it might be a bit more homogenous than I thought. And I also just didn't expect such a melting pot vibe in the midwest.

Fifth: People are really helpful. That is like the best way to describe them. Texas has friendly. We really do. Minnesota has helpful. It's not like "Hey y'all!" with a big grin, it's more like sincere offers to help and then you can see people's pleasure when they can tell they've given you information or done something to help you out. It's interesting seeing that difference. Texas people are way more outgoing and friendly, but less intent to help or do something (I would almost say we seem "lazier" but maybe it's because everyone is so damn hot- ha), where it seems Minnesota people are more reserved, but seriously sincere about helping each other out.

Sixth: People really are more fit here. You can see it everywhere you go. I look around me all the time and think "Geez, the people are really pretty here..." I think there is a bigger focus on health and fitness...and outdoorsyness here, and I knew that coming in...but I didn't realize how noticeable it would be. And it's at every age- like I said- my YMCA is always full of older people just cranking away on the exercise equipment.

So those are my observations thus far.

We had a great play date with Krissy, Charlie and Kate. I really like her- and hope I have a new friend. They invited us over in a few weekends for a BBQ with some of their other friends. It's so kind, I'm almost suspicious. Ha.