Hello Minneapolis!

Hi there...well I thought I would be up and blogging sooner than this, but we don't have cable or internet yet. We should have it sometime this weekend or Monday at the latest, so I'll be back on track...but in the meantime, here are a few snippets of info from our trip to Minne.

Travel Day:
It was a long day, but a fun day. We got delayed (on the tarmac) in St. Louis, so that was pretty touch and go with the beans, but all in all, they did great. The FUNNIEST part of the day, that I still cannot believe happened, happened that night at the airport. About 15 minutes after touching down in Minne. Davis gave it a real TEXAS welcome. Okay, so here is what happened. Davis and I got the luggage while Bennett and Holden went to get the rental car since it was in his name. Picture this- we had about 10 pieces of luggage- so somehow (thank you Jesus!) I was able to stack it all up and roll it out to the curb. We waited for about 10 minutes until Davis said "Mommy, I need to go potty." I told him to hold it because there was no way I was getting all that luggage back inside and rolling it into the bathroom. Another 5 minutes went by and Davis urgently said "Mommy- I think I'm going to potty in my pants..."

So I looked around, considered my options, and pulled him to me and said "See that corner? Go over there and go pee-pee and then turn around and come back really quickly...don't let anyone see you." What else was I going to do???

So I nonchalantly hang out with my luggage, acting like I don't see my three year old peeing in the corner at the airport...until I hear "MOMMY! It won't come out!" and I look over and see Davis' panicked face, squatting down, looking at the POOP that is stuck to his bottom. WHAT? This was not part of the plan. I was mortified. I ran over there, yanked his shorts off, used his underwear as toilet paper and then told him to pull his pants back on- but he was too shocked by his own situation to deliver- so I had to yank his pants up over his bottom while looking around to survey exactly how embarrassed I needed to be...

Just then, a lady got out of her mini-van and brought me a roll of paper towels. Good Lord. What a Minneapolis welcome.

That night we stayed at a cheesy Embassy Suites with a giant Italian fountain. Davis thought he was in heaven.

Moving Day:
Antoine and his guys were at the house at 8:00 a.m. sharp, ready to unload. Everything went well, and only one thing was broken- a vase. Antoine let Davis honk the horn in the semi and walk around the trailer bed when it was emptied- so he was a big hit.

Moving day was kind of stressful. It smelled like old house in the house and of course all the rooms were just covered in boxes and things were in such disarray. If there is one thing I hate- it's feeling like things are in disarray. I have to give myself kudos though, because I was pretty patient about it all. We set up beds and things and began unpacking and worked like dogs until it was time to go to sleep. The house is great- it is such a cute old house, with a completely refinished basement- so you can get whatever feeling you are looking for. There are things I LOVE about it- the exterior, the wood floors, the sunroom, the UNBELIEVABLE lakefront backyard. And then there are things I will tolerate: the tiny kitchen, the 2-shelf pantry, the small bedrooms and closets upstairs. All in all, things are going well...

And I'll have to fill you in on the rest later. Caribou Coffee is closing...and just when I have so much to say. P.S. Summer is unbelievably gorgeous here. Green as you can even imagine and beautiful hydrangeas and flowers sprouting everywhere. I don't think you even have to have a green thumb here to grow things...they just grow themselves.

Okay- more later...and I have so many great pics to share too!