Guess Who's Going to Snuffy's?

This guy:

He actually stayed in his bed last night and went to sleep before 9:00. I would like to think it was my super stern I-Mean-Business approach when I told him this was his final chance to stay in bed...and that if he came out again, his door would be locked until morning...but it's probably more realistic that he was tired from school. Speaking of school- we got the greatest, most detailed notes from their teachers yesterday saying they each had a great day.

No tears...though it came close for Davis at lunchtime when they served him something that was not chicken nuggets. Hoping that having him eat there will help break his bad eating habits. They provide all organic and local foods and have an in-house chef- so that makes me feel good about it. Of course Holden ate all her lunch, slept the whole nap-time and had seconds on snack. Ha.

Yesterday was kind of a tough day for me- just trying to get back in the groove of working- though a new type of working. And I was feeling pretty lonely, to be honest. But today is better. Partially because I tapped into my networking mojo and set up a dinner with a couple next weekend (friend of a friend in Austin) and set up a coffee with a lady from a local agency later this week.

But really I'm feeling pretty excited because Carrie and I have a super exciting and super secret project we are beginning work on. More to come on that...just having something to work on with her helps me feel connected and also invigorated.

Also, Bennett and I had fun last night. We were trying to hang a different light in the dining room and we just kept cracking up over silly things like him wiring the whole thing and then me quietly saying "oh, oops. wasn't that supposed to go on first?" referencing a piece of the lamp that goes nearest the ceiling that was lying on the table.

Oh my gosh- if the cable doesn't come today I'll just die. Jeff Lewis' new show starts tonight and my mom and I always watch it and I have missed my Bravo friends so much- I NEED them to come today.

Okay anyway, here are some more pictures we took of the neighborhood before the parade. So lush.

This is actually our's huge and has the brightest green leaves.

Just pics of summer in the midwest.
We woke up to rain today, that was nice and surprising.
Okay- hope you have a great day. Au revoir for now.